Friday, April 17, 2009

Why Wholeheartedness Is Important

Why is wholeheartedness so important? What is the point of doing things wholeheartedly? Why not do the job with just half of the heart, and unwillingly? Will it really matter? What is the purpose? Does God really command us to do everything with a whole heart? Many questions do arise and many will buckle within us, because we will often try to get out of the task assigned to us with a good excuse. However, the consequence of doing things unwillingly may lead into a big disaster. Doing everything with an attitude of love and enthusiasm, will paint the picture in a total different way, plus we will save time from having to re-due the project. Everything acquires time, nevertheless, when we do something with a different perspective of willingness, than the job being done will succeed. It is a choice of our own to make, are we willing to do everything with a whole heart? Or are we just going to waste the time and do things without a purpose and care? God does care about our heart. He does mind if we do everything with joy, or with a grudge. He is interested in every aspect of out life. There are only 86,400 seconds in a day. That may seem like a lot, and yet it all depends on how each second is spent. There may be a job approved just for us which we necessarily will not like. Nevertheless, that does not matter. The point is, we should do everything; either a high job or the lowest job there is with excitement and with a sincere attitude. Men and women daily are creating destruction all over because they cannot focus and seem to set the job with a grateful attitude. We are all causing more work for ourselves because we choose to do things the hard way, of doing it only 99 percent. Even that one percent counts to make it be a complete whole heart. Everything has a start, and the Lord wants us to be faithful in the job he gave us. If we cannot prove others and especially God that we will do it wholeheartedly, that do not ever think you can possibly receive a higher job. If it comes hard to you to do something with a complete heart, that ask God to help you. After all, we should do everything to the glory of God, and not man. Lastly, wholeheartedness has the definition of, fully or completely sincere! It is your choice, to either take the job with thankfulness and do it to the 100 percent mark or do it unwillingly with only a 99 percent or less endurance. Believing it or not, that one percent does count!

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God!"
1 Corinthians 10:31


Allison said...

You're so right! When you do something slowly because you have a bad attitude, it's boring. However, when I choose to have a good attitude and enjoy whatever I'm doing (whether it's really "fun" or not) it gets done faster and is enjoyable. And it's no fun to work with someone who has a bad attitude!

Southern Maiden said...

Vanessa, that's a great devotion. Yeah, doing things with our whole heart - having a true purpose - is when we are focused and committed. That's encouraging!