Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A New Start

My fellow friends and bloggers! I have moved on. My life has taken me elsewhere; a place where creativity is formed in the mind, a place where words are mixed together to form phrases, a place where my hands and fingers exercise daily. I have taken up the passion of writing. No, it's not only writing for fun or a hobby, it's writing as a career, a task. I am a novelist, an author. After many months of seeking the Lord, I came to the conclusion that I was being led to write. At first I was confused what to write. Was I to write books about relationships God's way? Devotionals? Articles? Nonfiction? There were many months where I tried all options, writing anything and submitting to various publications. I became published, soared with excitement and pressed onward.

At the end of the winter of last year, I suddenly thought of writing a novel...not just any ordinanry novel, a Christan novel. I thought how irnoic this would be, especially since I didn't like reading fiction, particualary dramatic/contemporary fiction. Well, I took on the task of this hard and tedious practice, enduring for long hours daily. The novel was complete, but I felt imcomplete. I didn't lose faith however, especially since I joined school again (enrolled online in a Fiction Writing School). I continued to master my skills, write over 2,000 words a day, compose short stories, and studied the ins and outs of the mastery of writing. I was writing endlessly every day, figuring out everything I had to learn to accomplish this work. I entered writing contests, had deadlines after deadlines, studied the market, contacted publishers, wrote editors, and studied nonstop. I started working on top of this, writing morning, afternoon, and night. Soon I realized that I discovered the love for writing that was within my soul. I prayed about my novel and what I should do with it. I didn't think it was suitable for public, considering that it was my first one and I didn't know anything about fiction writing. I put this novel aside and took up another in November. The Lord equipped me with the ability to write endlessly that month. I would write up to 4,000 words a day as I had yet another deadline by the 30th of November. I reached 50,000 words by midnight of that day and continued writing. Gladly, I finish the novel this is such an accomplishment and I feel very satisfied with this manuscript. The Lord has blessed me with a publisher, as well as a friend who takes time to moderate all of my short stories. I plan to have this novel published by the summer. I applied for my next online school course and am waiting for acceptance. As you can see, I have been busy with a whole new area in my life. It is an exciting time, as well as challenging and testing. I am learning each and every day what it means to have patience as I wait to hear back from publishers, editors, and publications. I have been rejected quite a few times, but see it as a lesson. I know that I have to perfect my writing more and more, and I will attain this with the comments I receive.

Seasons come and go in our lives, this is something I am constantly reminded of. I have gone through ups and downs and I know that it is far from over. At the moment things are going well, overwhelming, but quite well. I find enjoyment in what I do because I know that this is what the Lord wants of me. I am blessed because I now understand what it means to listen to the voice of God. I will be still and listen to that powerful yet soft voice--it's an oxymoron if you ask me! So with all of this said, I am moving on. I am closing Maiden of Purity but I would love for you to follow me on my new adventure destined by the Lord. Writing With Inspiration is where you will find me now.

I will post every Wednesday on this new blog and would love to see you as a follower over there. I will be posting the nicks about writing, my writing assignments, story ideas, and book projects. I am thankful for each one of you and that I had the time that the Lord gave me to minister through this blog!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

He Must Increase,but I Must Decrease....

I turned a year older, school started, the days got colder and shorter, the leaves turned and are now all raked, Thanksgiving came, and now I sit and write the annual Christmas letter; through it all my blog was entirely forgotten!

I cannot believe how fast summer and fall went by. How quickly my life turned pages into another chapter. I have asked myself so many times...where has the time gone and taken me? As I sit on my desk and right out my thoughts I realize that the past few months have probably been the toughest months yet, nevertheless God has reminded me over and over that He is unchangeable, unstoppable, and impossible. When I thought that my world was falling apart, or when I didn't have the strength to climb the mountain, He was always close and holding my hand. He watched me take my first step in faith, yes He saw me stumble but because of those falls and the callous on my knees it has built a stronger character all around me. I went through storms with pounding thunder and great strikes. Every door that opened at some point, only closed days or weeks later. I lost so much; possessions, money, friends, etc. Through it all I could not see God one bit. I doubted Him, I shied and cried in fear. God could not help me until I accepted the fact that my life is not His life, and no matter what happens He is in ultimate control.

In September, the Lord brought me to a low point-possibilities shut, things taken away, friendships lost; what else Father? Only one more trial came my way, what more? My high school graduation, work, and babysitting money was stolen. Okay God, I give up! I uttered a cry from the depths of my soul, "Father, I'm done...I cannot do this on my own anymore! I'm broken, and I'm sorry for planning my future, it's yours!" From that moment on the Lord was able of working in my life. He was able of breaking chains, clearing dirty passage ways, and creating a new person and life. He began to show me His plans, His way, and His purpose for my life. Even though He has shown me the way through a clearer view, it hasn't been easy. However, I don't care anymore because everything I once had is lost, and I realized that it is not my life, BUT HIS! A strong woman once told me, "When God guides, He provides!" I was blessed by my boss and by a friend. When we learn to give up, the Father will return with greater!!

Through each battle, the Almighty blessed me even more. He brought new friends in my life. He showed me who my true and lasting friends are, the ones who will encourage me no matter what, and the ones who will tell me that God needs to cut here and there. I don't have much more to say, although Holy is the Lord, God Almighty. The trials aren't over yet...I know that there will be more. Nonetheless, my strength rests in the Lord. I am blessed all over!

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step!" -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Through The Raging Seas...

I am not capable of explaining all of the excuses I have, or the issues which have raised over the past many months. It has been a few months since I have posted, and at times I would have posted, nevertheless I have had many controversies, and there have been certain situations which have occurred, and it has brought me to say, that I simply cannot post anymore. I am all too confused with my own life, and my own purpose in this world. At times, I feel as if I have left the precious hand of Christ, and at other times, I feel as if I am right beside him. I know that my Savior loves, He lives, and He is always there for me; my God He was, and my God He's always going to be. I have gone down to believing that my purpose will never be revealed. I have been broken and bewildered about so many thoughts and occurrences. I graduated from high school in the mean time and will be turning 18 in 5 days, and am now on to a different road of adventure and opportunities. Nonetheless, at this point in my life, I cannot see God's will for me. I know that He is there, His grace is greater still, and all of my own choices, mean nothing. His arms are open wide for me, and I'm going and coming to Him each and everyday. My shameful scars, the pain I'm holding, is just going all before Jesus, because I know that I can come as I am. I see many of my friends walking with a clear direction. Going where God is leading them; I, on the other hand, am many times confused, I do not see the light, nor the stars shining. All I see is a tunnel full of darkness and yet many questions and answers which need light. I will not say that the past few months have been literally terrible, because I would be lying, I have been having a wonderful summer, with amazing and strong people to guide me and give me the strength and encouragement I need. However, I really wish that God would hear me again, and that He would acknowledge His servant to be torn and worn out. Nonetheless, without further ado, I have come to the conclusion that I will not continue my previous series. Everything from dating, to courtship, to singleness, and to purity, is something I feel that I cannot discuss with many of you anymore, because I do not have the answers to them. Sometimes I feel as if I'm alone, and God has his hand more on others than myself, however I know that those thoughts are from the evil one, and they are trying to corrupt me and bugle me down. It is a choice for me to either rejoice through a time, or to be entirely depressed and worried. This post may seem as if I'm lost in this world, hurt, and worried, yes that may seem the feeling and to be honest with you, I have felt like that, and sometimes still do. Although I have learned that I need to be strong, stronger than ever, so that I will not be thrown into the high waters, and even if I am, God will reveal the mystery to me. I was told that those who go through such hard times will be blessed beyond all measure. Oftentimes others see the clear direction, and doors are being opened. As for those like me, we cannot see the door, or the windows open, however we may struggle, hard or even harder, nevertheless the reward will be precious because we have endured the trials, and He will be faithful and great things will happen. Those words have been a life savior to me. If I'm about to give up, I remind myself on such words, words spoken by a great and wise friend of mine. I have talked to many, and to one great and strong friend who has been with me through it all. My parents have coached and are coaching me. It is the matter that I continue to stand and not give up. Dear friends, please understand this time of life as a test, and not as curse. God will bring His perfect will, won't He? I believe so, and if I have to wait for 1 year, or for 40 years wandering in the desert, than may it be. As long as I have Christ by my side, I can rejoice and live with joy. It is not easy, often desperate, and I pray that God will hear me, and will reach His arms out to me, but as I wait, I will praise Him. Praise in this storm, praise Him while I wait! The Lord is compassionate to those who are faithful to Him. Even though the storms are raging, I will sing His praise. Because He is too great for that too fail! Trials strengthen a person, I always believed that, and now that I'm going through a waiting period, I believe it with more passion! I know that I am loved by the King, by my parents, even when I try my own will, I am loved by my family, even when I disappoint them, and I am loved by my dear friend who is there with me. Sing, because I know that He will restore me!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Leaving on a Vacation...Suddenly!

Just got news!! So, this week has been entirely crazy. Absolutely out of this world...a week where there is both ups and downs. At the beginning of the week, our three year old Labrador dog passed away. He developed cancer unknowingly and we had to put him to sleep on Tuesday morning. Something so horrible and heartbreaking. Because of that, the week started off really rough and hard. However, towards the end of the week, which I'm referring to today, things have lightened up again. My dad called us this morning, and surprisingly said, "Extend your school stuff until the middle of June, we're going to Texas!" Back home y'all!! :) It's crazy, as we only have 5 hours left and we'll be leaving. So, pray for our safety and for a fabulous time. I'll be back...of course! It's unreal because we never just say and go. We'll be going all the way down, almost to Mexico, to visit family; my uncle is graduating and we'll be seeing him as well as a ton of others. Then we'll go to San Antonio, and then to the lovely...HOUSTON!!!!!! :) Alright, all of y'all Texan bloggers...see ya soon! :) Until then...goodbye, and TEXAS HERE WE COME! :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Courtship? Dating?-Purity (Part 3)

Last night, I went to our neighbor's house and met with some wonderful young men and ladies. It was a lovely time and evening. As I was there, I could really sense similarities and like-mindedness. I also was intrigued to see other youth who strive to live the same way. However, one incident that really sparked me was this young lady and young man. They were both 21 and I saw them talk and converse with each other for a few minutes. Afterwards, the young lady came up to me and said, "I don't want you to get the wrong impression that I may be flirting or acting immodest, this young man and I are in a courtship right now, so if we are talking with each other, it's because of that, nothing else!" I thought that that was so precious and amazing. Wanting to make a statement that she is remaining pure and blameless and that nothing else is involved. It was so encouraging to talk with this young lady; hearing her side of courtship and how it all works. One thing that she did say was, "It's not how the books portray it to be!" That is so true. Oftentimes, the books lay the issue of courtship out as perfect and that the first one, is the one and that it always works. That is wonderful if the first guy or girl is the first one, although, we need to realize that it may not be the case. Anyways, this young lady was telling me how it is a long process, not something overnight, and not a relationship which happens in 6 months and then you're heading down the aisle. We began talking about dating and how destructive those relationships are because they advance too quickly. This young lady mentioned how it often is hard and a struggle as she has been in this courtship for a year and a half now, nevertheless, she also stated how it is worth it. The biggest mistake young people make, is rushing into a relationship all too fast, and then acknowledging the mess that they are in. I know a young man who is in a mess like this. He's only 20 and has a child already.

Being a teenager or a young adult can be very devastating and hard. We may think, "Will I be single forever?" The young lady that I mentioned above said that when she was about 16 or 17, she went through a very lonely time in her life. Constantly thinking how alone she was, and yet she didn't realize back then how God was her source, her only source, and it was at that point that she came to the exact existence that He was what she exactly needed. Many times, we are discouraged for just a spilt second or moment when we see others at our age who may be holding some one's hand, or sharing a part of another's life. However, that may seem all so sweet and cute, BUT, it is not right. On the outside, it looks like pure and true love. Nevertheless, deep in their hearts, they are empty and they are looking for THAT love. Dating is damaging to a person's heart, it is like taking ones heart, trying it out, experiencing with it, and then once it is dry up and can't give anymore love, they move on to the next wet and fulfilling heart. Boyfriend or girlfriend, that's something I hear often...where is your boyfriend? what, you don't have one? because?? Questions like these are so bothersome. Why is it that everyone thinks that whether you're in high school/college, or single that you need a boyfriend/girlfriend? I find it very destructive; seeing girls who are heartbroken because they want more. Guys who are trying to find that perfect, pure, and lasting love from their girlfriend, and yet they are turned down, because no human can give that love. Love comes from the Father above, He's the one who fills that empty heart, who consumes it with His fire and life.

Dating is a destroying relationship, it takes a girl and guy into something dangerous. I have heard of young girls saying, "He wants more from me! I'm not ready!" However, they feel pressured because perhaps their friends have already done that something more. It is a competition, and these young people are boasting about it...who they have had as their date, or what they did last night. Dating attacks the wrong areas of the person, and it only reveals a person's heart and attitude slightly. Certain topics are never considered, and as the world goes on, it is getting worse. I know that my parents dated, and they wish that they could of done the courtship route, however, they didn't know. And I'm not saying that God will punish them for that, but since you know, how can you do the opposite?

Have you ever seen this advertisements on the computer? Meet attractive singles in your area! Our society has clearly shown young people that picking out a girl or guy is a simple step, and before we get serious, we just need to 'try' each other out...and then perhaps move in with each other for a few years, and make sure that we are kid free, and then get married...if we feel comfortable. The word "parent" is never involved. Many young people believe that parents are too old to be involved in our love life...leave that up to me. Courtship, on the other hand simply addresses the parents as being the main factor, interlacing their words of wisdom and their experience. Keeping that close bond relationship with our parents is very important.
Many people do not know that a strong marriage began before the wedding day. It begins by building that relationship on a godly and strong foundation. Yes, many times couples come to the Lord later on in life, and through the grace and mercy of the Lord, it develops into a strong and lasting marriage. Although, why wait? why go through all of the pain, tears, and hardship, when you can start young?
Courtship is something very serious. Married life is very serious. We cannot jump into a friendship/relationship and not be serious. The greatest help and advice that I can give anyone is to seek the Lord's guidance, wisdom, and will. That is the greatest source, and through our single years, He is the one who will never let us down. You may think that He disappoints you, but that is your own heart. You are following your dreams and desires, not the Lord's. Our parents are our godly encouragement and counsel. Dating does not please God, it does not satisfy Him when we dump or give our love to anyone. We are made with a purpose a He created us beautifully and wonderfully.

The young lady that I conversed with last evening was so joyful; she had this character of optimism on her, a joy and a peace that God was in control of it all. She also involved and did not exclude in her parents. They were, as she said, "my advisers and wisdom"!
Divorce begins when we are foolish, not following our parents or the Lord's wisdom. Yes, some didn't know, however, that is a different story. I'm referring to those who do know the difference. You are a living sacrifice, a royal priesthood, and we ought to acquire ourselves to be holy, pure, and perfect before the Lord. He is the one who will judge our every action. As I said, choosing a spouse is a very thorough act. It needs to be sought out in wisdom, and we cannot get weak. Emotional purity is something most girls I know struggle with. They became all too fast attached to someone, and then all to fast experience a broken heart when it is not God's plan.

The Lord needs to be our desire, He is the one who can and will set us free from past relationships, heartbreaks, or painful wounds.
Oftentimes, it may take a 'fast' from a certain person. If you are struggling with a certain lady/guy, it may take strength or boldness to back away. Sharing our struggles, desires, or dreams with our parents or godly guardians is such a relieve. It takes that burden off of us, and it opens the door to something so special and personal. God loves us, and He cares about your love life. He wants the greatest thing for you, and if He has called you to be single, then so be it. That may be something so hard to swallow an accept, nevertheless, His purpose, is so worth it.

May the Lord's peace, guidance, and love be with each one of you! Whether you are going through some relationship, courtship, or just being a single guy or girl right now, dedicate each and every hour to the glory of God. And if you are one who has been in a dating experience, or are dating, please don't take my word for everything which I stated. Seek the Lord's counsel, and your own heart. Do you feel comfortable? Are your actions, conduct, or characteristics pleasing the Lord? It is a hard thing, and we all need to realize our mistakes, and even courtship can be done in the wrong way. However, when we follow the Lord's exact plan, it will be beautiful. We may have those scars, however, you don't have to be knocked down forever!

"Let no man despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

For Him and Him only,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vanessa's Week-Random Post

I feel quite horrible to be honest. I have not put a new post up about my series! That's the issue with doing a series, it takes forever to finish them! I have been gone all week. I was at a wonderful friend's house; she just had her sixth baby, and I was there helping her with the other children, and of course holding the new precious addition! It was such a wonderful experience, to be around another family, besides my own, for one week, and to learn their ways. I was basically treated as their own family member. ;-) It was a great time; and yet busy. However, it was my chance to entirely take responsibility of cooking, cleaning, and even doing school with the older ones. I was also away from any sort of media for one week, because this family chose to not have any Internet in their home. Did I have a problem with that? No. It was great as a matter of fact. In any of my spare moments (rarely), I would open my Bible and read a particular passage. Being away from it all was very nice actually, quite relaxing. I also enjoyed the many conversations I had with my friend (the mom), and the talks and all sort which we would have. It was great. Anyways, my week was packed, and sadly, I forgot to being a camera. :( Yes, I know, all of you photographers, probably think I am crazy, because the camera is the only thing you would never forget, however, I am not a photographer, so, I'm entitled to forget! ;D Please, bare with me some more, as I go through this crazy and busy time in my life. I know, I really should continue with my serious, although, as of now, I really cannot find a moment. I am also preparing for my upcoming graduation, trying to get the pictures/invitations done! Thus just a tiny update from this busy blogger!

God bless,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Few Notes

I went over my past post, and noticed a few things which I left out on accident. I forgot to mention perhaps one of the greatest things; I mentioned it somewhat, nevertheless, not boldly and clearly enough, and thus this post is just a side-note to the past few posts which I have done. I was discussing how we need to be pure and blameless, and how to also fight and combat those thoughts which come on about a certain guy/girl. However, what I did leave out was that we cannot constantly think of this guy/girl and if we block those thoughts off think that's it alright. We need to face them, and share our feelings with our parents about these kind of feelings. Not hiding and covering them up and trying to come across that 'everything' is fine, when it's not. We are to involve our parents in such times, sharing our hearts with them and letting them know that there is a certain area in our life that needs prayer. Girls, share with you father the issues that arise, and yes that's very hard, and perhaps it's easier for you to share with you mother, fine, I'm pretty sure she'll share with your dad! ;) Our fathers know all about guys, and thus they are the greatest advice. And for guys, look at your mothers, treat them with love and respect, that's how a girl wants to be respected and treated. Thus, this is my point, INVOLVE YOUR PARENTS, and not forsaking their authority and wisdom. To stick close to them and God's counsel. We cannot discern what is right and wrong, therefore, it is important to give our feelings to those in authority and over us, we are too young and immature to know what is the right thought and what isn't. We are humans, we cannot be good without Christ, and Christ has set our parents, grandparents, or guardians to be that wise authority and counsel. Ok, that was something which I left out, and just wanted to make clear that this cannot be left out when dealing with a crush, like, or a possible relationship. Our parents are the greatest helps with the Lord's wisdom and guidance!

God bless and keep you,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? I looked at my past post and noticed that it said, "February 28th!" And today is April 1st! It has been a busy past month...March Madness! :) I have had many thoughts of posting and continuing with my series, however, the time doesn't slow down for me. I feel like I need 48 hours, instead of 24 in a day! ;-) So, this is a very random post, just telling y'all that I'm still around and alive...haven't forgot about my blog and I am hoping to get a post up very, very soon! Please bare with me good people! I have been busy with work, school, church, music, household duties, being a daughter/sister/friend, and etc., etc., etc.! May you all be blessed this weekend as you reflect upon the resurrection of our dear Jesus!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Discovering God's Plan for the Opposite Gender-Purity (Part 2)

It's a mere wonder why so many are curious about the fact of relationships and the opposite gender. I too have thought about this for a long time and came to the exact conclusion that many want the answer because they want to know what is fine and what isn't and how to succeed in life. There are many questions without answers, however, there is a promise which remains and it just takes time to rely upon God for Him to open the doors and our hearts. I have thought long and considered how I should approach this post and how I can bring the message and point across without being too open about certain issues. So, in this post I will discuss the factors of what to do if I am interested in him/her and what if I he/she is interested in me? These are quite tough to touch, nevertheless, by the grace and help of God, I will bring this post across clearly and perhaps it will touch one of you!

*To begin with, I'd like to mention a few things. Remember, at all times the words spoken here are my convictions, and I'm NOT GOD, and am just one of those people who like to speak the truth, but will not try to imprint it within your mind! Anyways, hopefully that was understood, shall we approach the most common struggles for the opposite sex?!*

Alright, many of you may battle against this topic, and may even say it over and over within your mind, not really knowing how to deal and conquer the temptation of the mind. One of the most common questions is, "What am I to do if I'm interested in him/her?" That is a very difficult question and a subject to cover which is really tricky as well. It is the point where we have to realize that unless God doesn't move and doesn't bring this particular guy/girl in my life, it won't happen. It is the practical message to many, whereas to others they may view it differently. Have you ever thought of the fact that many of us get ahead of God's actual plan? I was in a situation a few months ago, and I actually wanted to shoot the gun before God would, I was getting frustrated and just wanted to go ahead of the ballgame and see what would be the result. Well, as I was making up my mind to go first before God's command, I suddenly got struck in the head wasn't able of doing so because the situation changed and I was avoided from ever doing so. As I look back, I am so thankful that God stopped me from doing what I wanted to do, because it could of resulted badly instead of perfectly. Many of us want to get ahead of God and take Him by the hand instead of the opposite. We believe that we have life all planned out and that He is just there for a protection and a few comments. That is completely off of the line. In order for us to clear find the right answer and future for these touch and critical questions, we need to involve God. So, you may wonder, "I met this really nice and godly guy/girl, and I just have to get his/her number or email because I want to learn more about him/her!" Ever crossed your mind? Keep this in mind, The only way that we can have a God-centered and romantic marriage is if we allow God to take the pen and write out each and every step. The way is often heart wrenching and hurtful, nevertheless, the end reward my friends is so perfect and precious. We are to write a love song with our life, right now and just give it to God. Okay, lets say you are in thoughts and are just mesmerized about some particular guy/girl and really want to know them better, what are you to do; what is appropriate and what would be inappropriate?

  • Give it to God

  • Guard your thought life

  • Don't act differently around him/her

So, first of all, being attracted to a guy or girl isn't wrong, it's the attraction itself. If you simple allow the attraction to take control of your life and turn into an "idol" then that is dangerous and it is causing your initial focus and being to drift away from the real purpose, Christ. If that attraction is causing feelings of all sort of sinful things, then it is wrong, it is also developing heartache for your future spouse. If you are constantly consumed with this person and have taken your actions and decorum away from Jesus, then that is the level of imbalance. Nevertheless, if there is an attraction towards someone, and if you handle it and take it from the belt right away and know how to control it and keep it under the belt then it doesn't have to be labeled as inappropriate. Being set-apart and pure is the right thing, still keeping the Lord as the ultimate lover. Thus, the three points above are some of the best things to do if you feel that strong and lustful attraction creep on.

  • Give it to God: We may be deeply attracted to his/her looks, character, heart, motives, and role, nevertheless, if this is not the one God has for you, I'm sorry it will not happen, unless you do it out of your own power. Do NOT allow your emotions to get a toll on you, keep it under that belt. Remember that picture. Take those feelings and surrender them afresh to the love and will of God. He is the only one who can discern your true feelings and love for one.

  • Guard your thought life: Did you say, "Ah, the hardest one?!" It's alright, this is one of the hardest things, even harder for girls. It is so tempting to let those thoughts and feeling take a hold of you and capture you. Even if this certain person is everything you desire, those thoughts have no right to be there if it isn't a serious relationship. We are to take every thought captive. There is nothing wrong to notice his/her good and godly motives, but to constantly dwell upon those thoughts and wonder and imagine...yeah, that become destructive for the heart and for the respect of our future spouse. Picture this, if your future spouse were able of creeping within your mind, would he/she be very pleased? Ask God to enable your thoughts and emotions on Jesus Christ-not on another guy/girl. Start praying when those thoughts arise. Memorize Scripture and meditate on it. If you allow your emotions to take you, an error will arise down the road, I don't necessarily advice to pray for that guy/girl when you are thinking of him/her, just because the prayer may become obsessed about him/her, therefore, it is best to pray for another person. Put the message on your forehead that you will not be tempted to allow the thoughts to capture you're true purpose and goal of purity.

  • Don't act differently around him/her: This can be tricky and tough as well, since we want to get their attention, right? If you attempt to get out of your way just to impress him/her then your actions are definitely speaking louder than your words and your attraction can quickly morph into manipulation. It is that easy! Keep this in check. "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm 37:4) As I mentioned before, taking matters into your own hands, just to get his/her look will only bring destruction. No matter how strong those desires and feelings are, there is no reason to let them get ahead of you. Give God the pen, and He will be more than pleased to script and be the Author of your love life. He is very interested, don't think otherwise. Ask for peace and not for higher emotions. We may experience butterflies and bumblebees in our stomach, rid those off, easier said than done, but yield it to God and don't listen to your conscience and feelings, they often lead you off the right path. Remember, man doesn't know any good without God!

Next, what can or do I do if there is a girl/guy attracted or interested in me? So, this may be a tricky one, and I have also been bombarded with this question many times from girls and even from a guy once or twice. Remember to always guard your heart and emotions and to not let yourself get ahead. We are to pray in such situations and are to keep God as the center of our life, married or not married. This is very important for girls, do not share your heart with a guy. It also qualifies for guys, but it is a lot easier for a girl to randomly share her problems and feelings. We are to keep it shielded and the greatest gift is to allow the man to open it with a key given to him by our father. Selecting godly teammates is the absolute goal and purpose. We are far to young to make wise decisions, and that is why we need God to foresee all situations and we are to also include our parents or guardians. Ignoring our parents in such circumstances is the biggest mistake you could make. They know how and what is right for you, even when it often seems the opposite. Take a step back and ask for God's wisdom in every way. We need to move forward in a relationship possible courtship with the perfect peace of God, knowing that we are obeying our parent's and the will of God. Do not rush a situation, even if you're 30, you make think, "Time is running out!" In God's eyes, the time is never running out for His will, He planned it perfectly and will place everything in an ordained and orderly way. He is the one putting the relationship together, building the teammates. Pray, get godly counsel and righteous counsel. Also keep in mind that the guy or girl needs to be a strong Christian, not doubting his or her salvation, but having Christ also at the center of their life and relationship. God will not let you hang, he knows that there is someone interested in you, and if you happen to be attracted to him/her He is the One who truly meets and fulfills the desires of your heart! Just wait, it's a hard a painful wait at times, often with tears, nevertheless, in a few years, we can look back and see that result of waiting as a blessing, either being married to the man/woman of God's will, or being single for His special and perfect plan. I will discuss that more in the upcoming posts.

So, in conclusion to all of this, I just want you to keep it posted within your mind that you are to run to the Prince of Peace and Lover of your soul. Draw unto Him, and He will clearly show you the way for all circumstances. "Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you." (James 4:8) It can be a deary and dry wait, or it could be a wait of joy and peace, knowing that the burden is in the Maker's hands. When He is in His rightful place, every confusion and bewildering thing in your life will finally begin to make sense. Keep in mind, He cares more about this area of your life than you even do! It's your love life, and He will make it the most beautiful story, if you just let Him!

In His Will,

*Some of the ideas and information came from the books, "When God Writes Your Love Story", and "Answering the Guy Questions" both from Eric and Leslie Ludy.*

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Years Old!

Well, this is a random post, and I'm kinda getting tired of writing the next part of the series (it's , coming....soon!) Anyways, today is Maiden of Purity's second birthday! Yep, it's been already two years since I started this blog. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, whereas other days it feels like forever! It has been a good two years, I grew a lot spiritually and my writing style has really changed. I think I have found my true purpose in writing now. So, I just like to remember that two years ago today I started my blog, and it is amazing how many people I have *met*. There are a few bloggers that I have met in person, and then a few that I converse with and have not met-yet. Alright, so one birthday wish Maiden of Purity has (me too) is to find out how many people/bloggers actually visit. So, if y'all wouldn't mind leaving a short comment just so that I can estimate a random number! :)

God bless!

BTW, I am working on my post as I said, it will just be a few more weeks (perhaps)!? I am very busy at this moment and thus need to find the moment to sit down and finish it. Thanks for your patience, I'm pretty sure y'all understand! ;-)

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Problem with Society and the Opposite Gender-Purity (Part One)

A problem with our society is that we do not know how to interact with others. The most troubling aspect of this problem is that we act like butterflies, flirting to another guy or girl when we have 'tried' and 'checked' others out. The average teenager, is immature, absolutely confused, and when we place these factors into a setting where the opposite sex is, then naturally, chaos and disturbance will arise. It is no wonder why so many girls are pregnant these days, or why young boys are becoming fathers, or are addicted to pornography. Yes, our world is so brainwashed, thinking that just because you have entered the 'teen' years that you need a boyfriend or a girlfriend, as well as that your interaction with the opposite sex has to be more 'mature' than when we were in preschool. It is at this point, perhaps around 13 that our peers begin pressuring us to be more active around the opposite sex and open up around them, talk on the phone for a long time, email, facebook, etc., and then they get even more bold and go on dates and all the sort. When someone tells me that they just went on a date, I don't even have to think twice, my blood is boiling, I'm annoyed, and have to work on myself to not rage in anger! It almost seems as if a guy or girl finishes their middle school years and enters high school and the first day they are already standing at a door of troubles. Oftentimes a girl's reaction toward a guy in high school is throwing herself at him in ways such as on his shoulders, piggyback rides, and all the sort. Now, a guy's action toward a girl is perhaps poking her stomach, tickling her, etc. So, it is not a wonder why there is so much confusion and chaos displayed in a high school, or is it? We're talking about hundreds of guys and girls ages 14-18 in one building, around each other for 8 hours a day! Now, I'm not saying that it's wrong to be around the opposite sex, but being alone around them is where I'm getting at. Girls who are 13 are appearing to be 17, and this qualifies for a guy as well, all because they follow the trend of their peers, the pop stars, actors/actresses, and they are blinded in the foolishness and chaotic mess. Sexual intimacy is done at young ages, believing that they are in desperate and deep love, but only finding themselves disgusted the next evening, and thus they go on to the next girl/guy. Ok, this next part may be a little open, however, I'm going to say it.

Girls, because of your actions, decorum, dress, and conduct, guys are falling over you. They basically see you as a sex object and nothing else. Wanting you for his desires and pleasure. He may mess around with you, use you up sexually, and then throw you away after he's done and fulfilled his sexual desires. Yes, it's the truth, and so many don't want to hear it because it hurts. And guys, I pity you, the way these girls are coating themselves these days is disgusting, and it may be very hard for you to block off those images and control those sexual desires, although, by the grace of God, you can rid it off, and you can become a set-apart guy. This means that you're completely, absolutely, different from all of the hormone, out of whack, sex-crazed guy! I may have just spoken out of my authority, I'm sorry if I have, however, speaking of such things is what I desire, because there is such a need to hear the truth about purity.

Many fight and war against the issues about their actions and conduct toward the opposite sex. I have had many girls come up to me, practically crying in agony and saying, "How can I act around him without coming across as interested, because I'm not!" Yes, this is a problem with our society. Many times people think just because we're talking to him or her that we have a certain 'thing' going on. If you intend to do all things blamelessly, without impurity, then block off those comments. BUT, if you achieve purposefully to get his/her attention, gaze, touch, then you need to reevaluate your heart and think if this is correct in the sight of God. Do you honestly desire to be sexually active, is this a reason why you are such a flirt? It's such a mess, girls believing that they have to dress or act this way just to get his attention, and guys thinking that they have to act cool and macho just to get his girl to look and daze upon him! I will share from my side now.
When I am around guys, I don't purposefully attempt to be a flirt, joke around, or try to be the center of attention. Yes, I DO love to joke around, however, keeping a complete balance to keep things under control. If things get out of control, then others may get the impression that she (me) is all for the attention and affection. It is a daily struggle for many, but talking to God is the greatest thing.

Why does our society face such challenges when around the opposite sex? Why can't we just all act normal? Because, we have this hormone inside of us that says, "Oh wow, he's so cute, or she's so hot!" And when we cannot keep that under the belt, that's when relationships and friendships get our of hand. The world teaches its teens to be in the latest trends, watch the latest movies, magazines, and even have a girl/boyfriend just to be cool. Have sexual intimacy just to say you did it before 18, and make sure that you go every weekend on a date and if it begins to get boring, dump your girl/boyfriend, there are plenty more in this world! Yes, this is true, it's just so sad that so many, Christians as a matter of fact are fogged and cannot see the sin. I have talked with many girls who claimed to be Christians, went to church, etc., and yet wanted a boyfriend badly, wanted to waste their first kiss, and didn't even know what courtship was! One girl said, "Oh, courtship, isn't that the old style, where you stay reserved and practically talk to the guy with a wall in between?" No, it does NOT have to be like that. We can engage ourselves in a pure manner and converse with the other gender, we don't have to be reserved completely, nor nervous or thinking just because we said two words that it was a sin! It is the way you act, the way you intend to come across. Your actions speak louder than words, and yes I stole that from the Bible!

Many people have told me that I sound just like an author, Leslie Ludy, because she is so open. And I'm sorry if I came across as to blunt in this post, I just can't stop myself from not opening the eyes of the young adults. Sexual immorality is an abomination to God, he abhors it. He doesn't just not like it, he HATES it! I have conversed with a young man before, and when I do so, I am always on target, making sure that I have not crossed the line, and have not talked about nonsense such as, whatcha doing, etc. Don't talk about filthy subjects, things which dishonor God and topics which would shock your parents. Converse in a Christ-like manner, making a statement that you don't have to have a girl/boyfriend, and you can talk with the opposite sex in a group of others. Now, personally, I advise young ladies, or gentlemen, to not be alone in a conversation. Things could go a tad out of hand, and you will never forgive yourself, just as a side note. Ladies, if you haven't noticed, guys these days are declining, what I mean by this is that they are becoming weaker and mocked at because so many say that they don't have a back bone and don't know how to be a leader. It is up to you to encourage them in all purity, to make them regain that masculinity and the divine purpose God has for them, such as being a strong leader. Guys, encourage and thank your godly friends who are young ladies for dressing differently and living their life with all purity, don't just think of it as normal, thank them for it. We all need each other, we need to stand together to set the Christian role and not be ashamed of it. Also, girls do not be the initiator of a conversation for relationship. Do not go up to the guy alone and personally, even when you want to tell him something very important which is random to you, it brings a message across that you are stronger in character and are undermining his authority. Allow him to be the one to lead on in a relationship and let him be the one who initiates it; and guys treat a young lady with respect, not like a piece of garbage just available for sexual desires. She is far more worth, and it takes a time to win her heart, guard your heart, each one of you! Please, everyone do not misunderstand me that I'm saying you have to completely away from the opposite gender, this is not what I'm saying, just be on caution and use the biblical principles.

Lift up your hands, look up, cry up, and He is right there. God is just waiting for you to break down, give Him the pen, and He will write your love story. He can write the most beautiful pages and poems about you. Even if you think you will never get married, and you believe that you have to help God, please don't, do not get in His way, He has something so great for you. More of this will be discussed in the upcoming posts, as I will hit singleness, and the greatest question, "What if I don't get married?" Well, may God bless you as you continue to strive for a godly character and life!

"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." Proverbs 4:23
His Servant,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adressing Purity: Introduction

Purity, is this a topic which strikes many of you? I have heard from many young people about their struggles and ongoing tests about this area in life. It is as if it is something always occurring daily perhaps. I have been confronted with questions from young girls, asking me, some almost begging me for answers to just have a clear and pure mind. The thought of that comes upon me as almost heart breaking, because so young are these girls and they already are having to go through such struggles and pains of immoral and sinful thoughts. Recently, I have been asked this question and this certain question rises among many of the girls that I converse with. It is such a question which is bewildering, confusing, dazzling, and plain out confusing. Yes, this post, as I am writing it will be about purity once again, because there is such a need of this talk. So many young teenagers battle with this, Christian or not. It is something that many do not know how to handle and deal. Thus, the question which is brought up is, "How do I interact with the opposite sex?" That is perhaps the biggest and most strongest struggle many have. I speak for myself. Many times I ask my own mind, "Is this gesture or behavior appropriate, or am I going a tad too far?" I am saddened by our culture and the way society conducts itself. There are millions of young teenagers who do not know a thing about purity. They just take the step, out of their box and do the wrong thing. Having physical intimacy at such a young age. They do not know how to converse and interact with others, they believe they do, however, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, they don't. They are just a whole bunch of hormone-troubled-confused-teenagers! This may sound bold, harsh, and even weird. Yes, I am a bold and outspoken person, and just as one of my friends mentioned the other day, in this world Vanessa, you're going to have to stand up and be different if you want the truth to be spread. So, lets battle this question and take it down; how do I interact with the opposite sex, what is too much and what is too little?

Well, to begin with, whatever you're doing is that appropriate in the eyes of God? Second, when we say, 'what is too much' then basically we are already stepping over the boundaries and not following the biblical principles. What does God say about the opposite sex, and how are we to deal with them, because they are there. Almost everywhere you go, there is either a guy or a girl, and maybe they're some really interesting guys and girls, perhaps good looking, and breath taking. Although, what is God saying about this? "Flee from youthful lusts, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, with those who call on the Lord with a pure heart."(2 Tim. 2:22) Ah, it says it right there, right in Timothy, FLEE, God commands us to not just back off and touch it lightly, but rather to FLEE! Wow, that is powerful! What are we to flee from? Youthful lusts, such things as pornography and sexuality. If you are weak to such things, then by all means do not surround yourselves with such temptations. I know that some guys are feeble and not strong at all when it comes to filthy images, and sexuality, then the best way to stop those emotions and feelings is to walk away and not return to that way and path of living. Ok, so I have drifted a little bit from the main purpose of this post, but those were some things which I had to address. Alright, conversing with the opposite sex, that's where I left off.

I know that some Christians are completely against this and command and practically dictate their children to not involve themselves with the opposite gender and to be completely biased towards them. Ok, as for myself, I cannot imagine that. I do know that it is godly to interact with the opposite sex with caution and of course other guidelines. We are not to through ourselves at them, nor purposefully want to be in their presence, or perhaps even this, email or anything else to get their attention. It is very hard not to do this. And I have admit that one of my hardest things is not to come across as too friendly and flattering. So, how are we to act and talk with the opposite gender? You may think now or even ask yourself, "Am I to be a hermit and totally isolate myself?" No, not at all, BUT, don't go the total opposite and cling to the opposite sex. Instead, act with all purity and godliness. Ask God how you are to act around a guy or girl. What is it that He qualifies and justifies. I know that it is very hard, and for some of us, it isn't at all. I have talked with both guys and girls about this, and actually, if I average it all out, the girls have the hardest struggle with this because they want to be so kind and it is very easy for a girl to become emotionally attached and attracted and also as being a girl we desire to have a prince charming and by getting to know a guy we try to find out if he is interested in us. As for guy, this is a slight difference as I had the opportunity to talk to a few guys about this. Yes, they do desire to marry, however, they do not get easily attached, but rather they have the tendency to talk about girls and also imagine however, not so seriously be ready for something major. A girl can think of her future with someone she may like in less than 5 seconds if not careful. As for a guy, this is a little bit different. He often sees a girl in a different perspective, more drawn to the girl because of her beauty. Both ways are wrong, imagining our future with someone just because he may be cute, or drawn to a girl just because of her beauty! Absurd. Believe me, I used to be like that; thinking just because he looks 'all fine' he must be fine. Nevertheless, over the years of my youth, God has changed my thinking, and I am by all means not attracted to just a simple guy, he has to be a warrior poet, one who can capture my heart with his motives and actions, not just because he may appeal to be awesome, we're talking about a person who you live with for life! Ok, so how do we treat each other in everyday life? How are we to build a healthy guy/girl friendship? What kind of conversations are honoring? Is it true that my decorum can be shown in my body language? What should I do when I'm attracted to a guy or girl? What about the fear of being single for life? And how to deal with the opposite sex whether in conversations, actions, or motives. All of this will be discussed in the weeks to come. God is the one who planted within us love and romance, so who is better than Him to turn to counsel? Alright, I just decided that I will continue with this and it will become a series.There are so many topics that I wish to touch, and it would get all to long to do it in this post. So, my fellow friends, till next time and may God bless you in the weeks to come, stay tuned!

In His honor,