Thursday, July 30, 2009

Broken Before God

The other night as I was sitting in my bed just thinking, I looked upon my day and just thought. I was confused and my mind felt clouded to all the things occurring around me. So many thoughts found it's way through in just minutes. Thoughts of negativity, crept in as well, and then in the far corner, I saw the thought of, "Vanessa, what exactly are you doing here, what is your purpose?" I struggled with that thought, and battled against it because there are many circumstances within my life at the moment where I would just love to have God's exact answer right away. Nevertheless, I am learning to this very minute that I have to wait and just rely upon Him. If it was my will and my way, I would of already acted to what I'm struggling with. However, we often miss God's perfect plan for our lives, we rush it without stopping to hear what He has to say. I have come to the point this morning that I broke down, my heart is completely crushed, and I do not have any answer on my own, it is completely God's choice and answer for my life. It is whatever He wants, and not what I want. Not my will, but His will! If confusion creeps within your mind, it is not of God. Remember, God is NOT the author of confusion. I have given my everything, I owe nothing anymore, and my life is totally in His hands. I have acted many times out of my own will, and tried to do it all my own, but suddenly, this circumstance within my life came for a total reason because I cannot solve it alone. God is going to intervene and do it, when He wants, and not when I want it fixed. We cannot get in between His plan, we need to give him the full charge, and just wait and see what He will do. Trying to rush things just because we think it would fix it all can mess up God's perfect will for our life!

Of course, when we allow God to take control of the shift, a burden is lifted. When I came to the conclusion of this, He brought me to this song, and the first verse and chorus of it, is exactly relating to my life at the moment, and how God needs to come on in. I hope it will speak to y'all as well.

SAVIOR, PLEASE (Joshua Wilson)
Savior, please take my hand
I work so hard, I live so fast
This life begins, and then it ends
And I do the best I can, but I don't know how long I'll last

I try to be so tough
But I'm just not strong enough
I can't do this alone, God I need You to hold on to me
I try to be good enough
But I'm nothing without Your love
Savior, please, keep saving me

*Y'all need to check out this song, beautiful and amazing! I know the young man who composed it, and now he himself is getting out into the Christian media world-such as the radio, it's awesome!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wisdom in ONLY Six Words!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss?

What about the first kiss? When should it be done, and why wait for the wedding ceremony? Some people say, "Oh, why wait for that special kiss won't hurt ya?" Whereas, others may have a complete different opinion, "Honor and respect each other, and save your purity, as well as the first kiss for your life mate someday!" That second statement is what I believe. I believe that the Bible teaches that all sexual activity outside of marriage is sin, and all romantically oriented physical activity is sexual activity. In my view, this includes premarital kissing. Now, I'm going to take this whole 'kissing' issue and break it down.

First of all, when I'm talking of a kiss, I mean the relation of a girl and guy emotionally and physically giving each other a kiss on the lips. A virgin is a girl who has not had any physical relationship with any young men. We as girls need to remain virgins until the day of marriage. The moment a young man and lady kiss each other before they agree to marry, is in my eyes impure and they have now broken God's promise of remaining pure and holy. Leviticus 21:13 says something which speaks the bold and bare truth, "And he shall take a wife in her virginity." It does not state that he shall take a wife who is immoral and impure. When God tells us something, He sure known what He is talking about. Guys, there may be young women who are beautiful and may act kind towards you, nevertheless, if she has been kissed already and has wrapped herself around others, what gives you the desire to know her more? A kiss is something delicate and should only be done at your wedding, and from that moment on with the man or woman you married. In the world we live in, many girls are wasting and giving up their purity at the young and tender age of 13. Many times a girl or guy will give that first kiss to someone they have perhaps been dating, and even though they know that this is not the type of person they want to live and share life with forever they still kiss, and thus the pure young virgin is now a harlot, giving her body away! Kissing will only make you want to do more than just a kiss. And why put someone you claim to care about at a spiritual risk?

Now, a little girl's dream is to get married to a prince and wear a beautiful long and white dress. Time flies and that dream still remains, however, if this little girl grew up to dress defrauding and be a flirt, and lets say that her very first kiss was with the neighbor boy, then her dream of wearing a beautiful white dress should in my opinion be changed to a black dress. This may sound harsh, however, she has messed up, and yes God will forgive if she asks, but if she continues on with this way of lifestyle, she needs a black dress! We make our own choices, and some of those decisions will give yourself away. Black and white will turn to gray, and we will eventually crumble, it's a slow fade and Satan is trying to device you in thinking that purity now a days is old school. No, it is hard to keep that heart pure and our purpose is to wait for God to work and not for us to go out on our own and look for Mr. Right, or Ms. Right. Don't you want your wife or husband to have the thought of, "Wow, my spouse waited for me, and I don't have to worry that she/he was someone elses before."

The first kiss is something done at the altar and just think of how good and romantic that will feel. You waited and respected others for their will of purity. I even believe that the kiss should have no place in the courtship or engagement. Listen to a story I once heard; a young man and woman found each other and courted for awhile until the young man knew in his heart that it was the princess he wanted and thus asked his future bride to marry him. Nonetheless, they both decided to not have any form of physical contact and especially NO kissing! As a result to this, the two remained pure by God's strength and shockingly, they discovered that they were not meant for each other. However, this young man is thankful to this very day that he kept his purity and that he didn't give his special kiss to the girl he thought was his. This story helps me to continue head strong with my purity.

Alright, to sum things all up I will leave y'all with a few more words. God says in Hebrews that the marriage bed is honorable and it should be kept until the first kiss was done at the wedding ceremony. Our number one temptation every single day is that we lean into our own understanding. We define everything with how it fits our own needs. This works just with the fact of kissing. We need to leave this up to God when the first kiss comes, and even if we don't understand why, just believe God and trust in Him because His timing is far better than yours. The first kiss is something special, and I bet it feels good because deep down you will know and you can tell your spouse that, "My very first kiss!" You also want a wife or husband that has kept their kiss and overall purity for you. You deserve their reward, and they deserve yours. Save your kiss, save it, save it, save it! This is the part of a couple, joined together, and taking each other and showing love by kissing each other. Lock it up in a box, and when the time comes, take it out, and thank God as well as your future spouse for keeping me pure. Ok, last thing that I want to share with y'all is one more short story of a young lady and man.

A young lady and man went through the courtship and it came to the point of engagement and they committed to be pure always until the wedding ceremony with each other. After many months of waiting and the long hours of patience, the special day arrived. The young lady put her beautiful white dress on, and walked down the aisle with her father seeing her soon to be husband waiting for that perfect and special gift. In conclusion, the moment the pastor said, "You may kiss the bride!", she whispered in the groom's ear saying, "Thank you for keeping me pure and respecting our decision!" Amen and hallelujah, save that kiss!

Waiting to express your love physically lays a strong foundation of trust for your marriage!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back Home...

Hello y'all! Well, I'm back home!

Yes, my family and I returned back home yesterday night very, very, late. It feels good to be in your own house again, nevertheless, I miss SO many people! Texas was literally the highlight of my summer, I consider it also my birthday gift. It was so wonderful and being able to go back to my hometown and seeing people that care and love us. It was lovely to see God dwell within that land. Churches among every street, billboards of scripture verses or statements of Christ, and it was amazing to run into people and hear them say, "Y'all take care and God bless!" I don't hear that very often where I live. I'm so thankful and feel so blessed that I was able of seeing good old friends, and some new friends. It is of course sad to leave those who care for you, and where you know you have a place in their heart, however, God has placed my family and I over here for a complete reason, and oftentimes I do not see the perfect reason and plan. Although, I will not lean upon my own understanding, but look towards God for direction and timing. Nonetheless, we praise GOD for bringing my family and I back home, it was such a long trip, back and forth 3800 miles, and yet God was close to our car, guiding it day by day. I also look forward to see what God can do in the near future with my family and where He will lead us.

As I now look back upon those 2 weeks, memories of laughter, happiness, talking, and joy remain, and far back in my mind the thought of sadness has crept itself in. I see faces before me, the ones who have been there for my family when times were hard or when moments of rejoicing. God moved my family, He did it before and He can do it again, we just allow Him to work! A prayer for my family would be, let God work, and not us! Be blessed y'all and one thing that I look forward is that I can be back on the blogging world. God bless!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Flirty Girls! Flirty Guys!

I will mention one of the discussions I had with my friend last night, thus, that will be something concerning the topic and broad aspect of purity.

Yesterday night my friend and I had a conversation addressing the fact of guys and girls and the way they interact with each other. I also had the talk of how many of us have the inside desire to get married, and if God wills it then it will occur. It also does sadden me at how many girls/guys will be careless about their actions. Now, I know, that I have had talked about this many, many times and really do not need to constantly shove it down y'all's throat, however, it is something that I could talk about ALL the time. Basing it upon God's laws, and I really love to get in either a debate about this or a discussion with others and learn their perspective on things such as this. It's a bothersome to me when girls and guys are flirting with each other, and how many of them treat each other with disrespect, and to be honest and true with y'all, many don't realize that they are being disrespectful! To be blunt and bold, a guy and girl who are acting immoral, and with impurity, that is no sign of respect, if they would hold the plate of respect, then they would not be flirting and playing around with each other because they are concerned and want to hold their purity for the right one.

I have had situations in the past that I will unintentionally act or talk with a guy, and nevertheless, they will begin to have the thought and the impression that Vanessa is flirting around with them. Not too long ago I actually did something quite out of the ordinary. I personally went up to a young man and asked him if I was treating him alright, and if my joking and kidding around was fine with him. Now girls, we may do this with our 'girlfriends' and they will take it fine, nevertheless, a guy has a different mind. He might be thinking thoughts of how this girl likes him, and is just acting to get his attention. Thus, I felt and had the inner voice within me from God saying, "Go up to this young man and ask him if what I'm doing is fine." I sure did that, and it was hard because I had to get over my comfort zone and take the step of addressing him bluntly and saying, "Is it ok that I'm kidding around with you? Because I do know that some guys take this in the wrong side of the throat."

Now, I will give y'all three reason why flirting is wrong.

1. Ok, flirting may feel good and fun, with lots of excitement and it leads to destruction without notice, and thus that is wrong.

2. Flirting allows us to often take a relationship and perhaps grow into it, and then realizing it was never meant to be.

3. Flirting creates thoughts within us that cause sinful emotions, wrongful actions, and not noticing that you are actually using your mind and actions without caution and creating a pocketful of hurtful feelings.

In addition, flirting is the onset of impurity, and causing the opposite gender to fall. Everyone tends to flirt in a different way. Altogether, it's biblical wrong, and to play around with the other gender in an impure way, is causing him/her to have the wrong thoughts and emotions. I try hard to stay away from things that will make me fall, and something like this is where I still stumble upon often. God works in us, and we need to be willing to give our heart to Him, and let Him use it for His purpose. Flirtatious actions are fitfully wrong and are not to be done in our single years, being married is a different story, but while being a single person in the Lord Jesus Christ, we need to glorify and give Him our attention only!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update On My Trip!

Hey y'all! I'm not home yet, but using the internet at my uncle's house!!

Well, Texas has been great. I'll give y'all just a slight update. I was going to post up something, nevertheless, I'm pretty sure y'all are interested in hearing all about my trip! :) Visiting new people and seeing new faces has been a blast. Saying bye to some very good "new" friends was quite hard for me, and yet the Lord has to move us on. I have enjoyed myself very much, and really loved the discussions I've had with a few of the youngsters I met. I also gained some ideas for a blog post, however, those will have to wait until my return home. It was very neat to meet the people that have visited my blog for some time, and also hear them talk about my posts, even though some of them talked of the posts in a fun way! :) Throughout this time, I have seen things which have sparked my interest and I look forward to sharing it all with y'all. Since I'm in the hot climate, I have also seen some people dress not the very best, and also joke around with, "They need to read my blog!" Anyways, this trip has been overall great, and an enjoyment. Spending time with my family, away from the usual things, and having fellowship with great friends! Alright, y'all stay well and till another post...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What a wonderful discussion we had in the previous post! It was wonderful to see comments from everyone, guys and girls! It would be great to have comments and discussions like that every time, one of y'all just got to bring a question up! :)

Anyways, this post will be about me leaving-yes again! I'm going on a vacation with my whole family this time, and will once again be gone for 2 weeks. Nevertheless, this trip will not be to another country, instead another state, a state I long to live again, the state where I grew up in, where I was born in, the lone star state-TEXAS! I'm going to see some very good friends, as well as meet new friends, people I have been conversing with for sometime already. I'm so excited to meet the people who have also been visiting my blog, and even those who left comments on my blog today. It's going to be a wonderful visit, a time for fellowship, and perhaps even a time of discussions such as the one I had over my blog today! As of now, I will leave y'all with this, and will post all about my wonderful trip on my return home. I will be leaving this evening, and all I ask is for y'all to pray for the safety of my family and the vehicle! May God bless y'all and I'll be back if the Lord wills so (meaning I want to move!:).