Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vanessa's Week-Random Post

I feel quite horrible to be honest. I have not put a new post up about my series! That's the issue with doing a series, it takes forever to finish them! I have been gone all week. I was at a wonderful friend's house; she just had her sixth baby, and I was there helping her with the other children, and of course holding the new precious addition! It was such a wonderful experience, to be around another family, besides my own, for one week, and to learn their ways. I was basically treated as their own family member. ;-) It was a great time; and yet busy. However, it was my chance to entirely take responsibility of cooking, cleaning, and even doing school with the older ones. I was also away from any sort of media for one week, because this family chose to not have any Internet in their home. Did I have a problem with that? No. It was great as a matter of fact. In any of my spare moments (rarely), I would open my Bible and read a particular passage. Being away from it all was very nice actually, quite relaxing. I also enjoyed the many conversations I had with my friend (the mom), and the talks and all sort which we would have. It was great. Anyways, my week was packed, and sadly, I forgot to being a camera. :( Yes, I know, all of you photographers, probably think I am crazy, because the camera is the only thing you would never forget, however, I am not a photographer, so, I'm entitled to forget! ;D Please, bare with me some more, as I go through this crazy and busy time in my life. I know, I really should continue with my serious, although, as of now, I really cannot find a moment. I am also preparing for my upcoming graduation, trying to get the pictures/invitations done! Thus just a tiny update from this busy blogger!

God bless,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Few Notes

I went over my past post, and noticed a few things which I left out on accident. I forgot to mention perhaps one of the greatest things; I mentioned it somewhat, nevertheless, not boldly and clearly enough, and thus this post is just a side-note to the past few posts which I have done. I was discussing how we need to be pure and blameless, and how to also fight and combat those thoughts which come on about a certain guy/girl. However, what I did leave out was that we cannot constantly think of this guy/girl and if we block those thoughts off think that's it alright. We need to face them, and share our feelings with our parents about these kind of feelings. Not hiding and covering them up and trying to come across that 'everything' is fine, when it's not. We are to involve our parents in such times, sharing our hearts with them and letting them know that there is a certain area in our life that needs prayer. Girls, share with you father the issues that arise, and yes that's very hard, and perhaps it's easier for you to share with you mother, fine, I'm pretty sure she'll share with your dad! ;) Our fathers know all about guys, and thus they are the greatest advice. And for guys, look at your mothers, treat them with love and respect, that's how a girl wants to be respected and treated. Thus, this is my point, INVOLVE YOUR PARENTS, and not forsaking their authority and wisdom. To stick close to them and God's counsel. We cannot discern what is right and wrong, therefore, it is important to give our feelings to those in authority and over us, we are too young and immature to know what is the right thought and what isn't. We are humans, we cannot be good without Christ, and Christ has set our parents, grandparents, or guardians to be that wise authority and counsel. Ok, that was something which I left out, and just wanted to make clear that this cannot be left out when dealing with a crush, like, or a possible relationship. Our parents are the greatest helps with the Lord's wisdom and guidance!

God bless and keep you,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? I looked at my past post and noticed that it said, "February 28th!" And today is April 1st! It has been a busy past month...March Madness! :) I have had many thoughts of posting and continuing with my series, however, the time doesn't slow down for me. I feel like I need 48 hours, instead of 24 in a day! ;-) So, this is a very random post, just telling y'all that I'm still around and alive...haven't forgot about my blog and I am hoping to get a post up very, very soon! Please bare with me good people! I have been busy with work, school, church, music, household duties, being a daughter/sister/friend, and etc., etc., etc.! May you all be blessed this weekend as you reflect upon the resurrection of our dear Jesus!