Monday, June 29, 2009

What Are You Doing With Your Body?

The other day while I was in Chicago with my family, I noticed how insane our nation of teenagers and young adults are! It happened to be a very hot day, and I did know and was already prepared to a certain extent of how some of the girls were going to dress. Nevertheless, to make me even more shocked, there were guys where I just thought, "How can you be so bold?" Thus, the topic of this post will be all about, "What are you doing with your body?"

I may actually end up being a few times quite bold and blunt, however, it will be the plain truth. I have prayed about this certain issue a few times, and asked God how I could post it up on my blog, with what type of words, and how to bring my message I have in my mind across. Thus, this morning, as I was praying, God pointed out to me that I should just get on my blog, and begin writing, and the words will just pour out!
Almost everyday I come across people that dress to impress or those who will put clothes on with the attitude of "This will get so and so, or maybe I will have many guys look at me!" I don't have to go very far, just in my neighborhood I see young girls dressing impure, and the way they walk is very disturbing. Ok, this whole post will not be on us girls, I will squeeze in guys as well. I have three brothers, and also know other guys. I have heard a Christian guy's perspective on this many times as well, "Why make it harder for us?" When I hear this, my heart just screams, and I want to go to every girl and tell them how much it's killing the guys! They are the ones suffering from this impurity, and from the actions and dress of a girl. I have been to churches in the past, thinking that this is a time of fellowship and moments to encourage your friends in God's way. Nonetheless, to my shock I was seeing girls and guys flirting with each other. Seeing that they were at church just for the opposite gender. Why take your body out and give it away? For what purpose? When we dress with little on us we are giving away ourselves to whoever. The moment we see a pretty girl walk across the room, or a stunning guy, some of us may experience sweaty palms, beating hearts, or impure thoughts. This is the one that struck me, having thoughts of this person which is so hurtful and not pleasing to God at all!
We have control of what we think, our thoughts are like a taxi, we can tell the driver where we want to go, and that is just like our thoughts. We can say and determine enough thinking of that, but do we choose to? Teenagers of this day and age are blinded, they don't see the danger and don't see the harm they are doing to others. Girls will wear their skimpy tops, and guys will perhaps go topless, and why do they do this, just to get the attention of others. A normal guy's reaction when he sees a girl who knocks him of his feet will think sinful thoughts, and will have a difficult time of blocking those. Now, when a girl sees a guy who is shockingly good looking she will often think of wrong thoughts, but it is a little bit easier to block off those thoughts. I sometimes think, why can't they just put more clothes on? It bothers me because it is going against God's standards and just imagine how much He is hurting?
Honestly, you are giving your body away when you just hang it all out. You are purposely taking either a girl's or guy's thoughts, and capturing him/her with your ways and dress. It may be hot outside, and yet why dress with the least possible? Your body is for yourself at the moment while being single and then someday when you marry, that is for your husband or wife alone. Not for 100 guys looking straight at you with their mouth hanging open!
When a guy looks at a girl, and if he allows his thoughts to go farther, then he has committed adultery with her in his heart! Although, who caused him to stare with lustful eyes? A half naked girl did, one who didn't care about anyone, but herself and just wanting all the attention on her. Of course, we all have feelings, and emotions and even a guy or girl modestly dressed will often cause us to fall off our feet. It happens, but the majority of teenagers in this country are foolishly dressed with little care!
Why do you want your body to be looked at? Don't you just want one husband or one wife? We are causing someone elses spouse to fall down and are making a big mistake here. If we happen to think of so and so, evaluate and think, you are actually thinking of someone elses spouse! That right there really hit me and made me think. Please don't put clothes on just to catch an eye or two. Dress to glorify your Father in heaven. Even you guys out there can dress quite disturbing, and going around shirtless in the park, is not honoring your Father in heaven! He gave us our bodies to treat with dignity, and also for one special person someday. Low cut shirts girls are a big stronghold to guys, and those tiny, tiny shorts will damage his thoughts. And guys, your thoughts can be controlled, and I have no clue how hard it must be, although, when you do see a pretty girl please call unto God to take away all impurity and sinful thoughts! Girls, don't have the thoughts of, "Oh, I want to dress the way I want! He can control his eyes from looking at me!" This is wrong, why hurt your brother in Christ, why cause him to fall into a deep sin? We know that he has a problem with this, and please don't irritate it.
The next time you dress for an occasion, ask your Father in heaven, is this appropriate? Will this make my brother or sister in Christ stumble? Or are my actions immodest? How can I be an encouragement to them, and just show that I do care how I treat my body, because I want to keep it for the marriage bed! "Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." Hebrews 13:4
Save your body, and that kiss for that special person someday. God will honor your self-control as well as your purity. There is nothing better than talking with brothers and sisters in Christ who act blameless and with a pure heart!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Reasons For Not Hugging a Girl/Guy

My previous post was giving my general opinion and point about why I believe hugging girls/guys is wrong and inappropriate. Now, I will point a few facts of exactly why it is all wrong.

1. Hugging the opposite gender is first and foremost inappropriate because it brings the message across as, impure and it is far from being blameless.

2. Girls, when we put guys in that moment, we are causing them to stumble mentally and physically, and it will put them into an awkward situation.

3. Guys, now, I'm not a guy, although since I am a girl, I know what it does to me when you hug a girl from the front. I often will get the impression, "He likes me!" It also works with our mind and it will at moments distract me from what I should be thinking.

4. Giving a hug to the other gender can often implant sinful thoughts, and what if we are hugging a guy/girl who is trying to stay physically and mentally pure, we have just caused them to fall down.

5. Girls and guys, when we are hugging a guy/girl from the front, and when he/she is putting his/her arms around you, just think of all the impurity and immorality taken place at perhaps those 2 seconds.

6. A side hug can be fine, and yet, just a little bit here and there can lead into a total disaster. Why place yourself into a iffy situation and feeling?

7. Hugging a guy/girl is also showing the wrong impression. Perhaps we don't plan at all to come across as sensual or impure, nevertheless, people cannot read our mind and thoughts, thus, even if we don't mean it to be wrong, it can come across as that.

8. When approaching a guy/girl, instead of taking the arm out, stretch out your right hand for a shake, if that would make you feel better, and still not trying to come across as rude. Our bodies are not meant to be touched by every person.

9. Now, this is for girls...when you are hugging a guy, what is he feeling? Yes, this is bold and yet the bare truth, his mind is racing at different emotions, when for us it might not even bother us. We are sending feelings, and 'messages' to him, and are causing some one's future husband to fall!

10. Thus, I'm not saying that hugging is a total sin, it is NOT! Just be careful with how you are giving, or how you are posing your body. Come to a point that you will discern and do all things with purity, and being blameless. Do not come up to a guy/girl with the thought or idea to intentionally cause him/her to fall. A guy's emotions and feelings in an area like this, are ten times stronger than a girls. He struggles with this, and we as girls need to be alert and not purposely trip him.

"Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman." 1 Corinthians 7:1
This verse is for those unmarried, and it also qualifies for you girls as well!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yearn for a Heart of Gold!

Girls, how many of you like it when you see other girls hugging every single guy they come across? And guys, how does that make you feel when you see girls hugging a guy with a full body contact? For me to see that, I get the thought and impression that a girl is just out there selling herself away because she wants all the attention, and she will get it from anyone. I have seen girls, and known girls who are always doing this. Now, when I see a guy do this as well, I get another thought and think secondly about him. What if his 'future' wife was standing in a corner, or walked by him? This goes for girls as well. Does the thought ever come across that perhaps your 'future' husband is maybe walking right by you? Messing up as being young does happen, but please, prevent it from getting there when you know the right from the wrong. It could easily be that you have messed up, or are messing up as being young and a change in your life will come from God and you turn around. However, as being young, you may be known as the girl or guy who gave their body away out of foolishness and temptation!

I'm a girl who is striving for purity, and many times I am ashamed of my own actions, that I often hope my future husband is not seeing me. Nevertheless, I do not know this, and we should at all times act if our future spouse is right there, and that God is ALWAYS looking. I don't want to see my future husband falling into a filthy temptation, or having other girls falling all over him. The thought and scene of that makes my heart fall, and my stomach turn. In my perspective, guys just need to be guys. Strong, hard working, pure, blameless, and staying away from the all hugging gushy things, until the day of marriage. And girls, please, do not cause a guy to stumble whether it be in your actions, dress, or speech! We are all workers of iniquity, however, the Lord wants our hearts, as well as our parents. Do not give your heart to a guy or girl out of curiosity or foolishness, keep it strong and safe.

The thoughts within our mind determine what is taking place in our heart, and will eventually spread out to our actions. That's pretty powerful! Sinful thoughts, and sinful actions occur when we are playing foolishly with the other gender. Talking and acting in a pure conversation with the opposite gender is God's way of fellowship .Why mess around? Why lose your heart and purity? We need to act blamelessly, and when coming in interaction with a guy or girl, treat him or her with respect. Do not flirt or use flattery within your words, but treat them as brothers and sisters in Christ, which will honor our Lord Jesus Christ! A girl's emotions are full of drama, and many times if her parents or God does not have her heart, she will pour it out to a guy she considers as her best friend, I've seen this occur many times. That is danger! Our deepest thoughts belong with God, mom and dad. I personally believe that having a guy or girl as a best friend is not the greatest idea. Naturally, guys and girls are different, and best friends in my perspective should be of the same gender. In addition, having a few godly young men or ladies around for fellowship within a group is beautiful and talking with pure conversations. Titus 2:12 says, "Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world."

As my conclusion, yearn for perfection and strive for purity. Take no false ways, and do not give your way to those of sinful acts. Our actions will someday be judged, and if we live our lives while being in our youth foolishly, then our acts will pass on to our generation. I most certainly do not want my children to go around and try every guy or girl out. This thought encourages me to be pure and wait for my beloved, and my prince charming!

"I am my beloved's and my beloved in mine!" Song of Solomon 6:3

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tears, Hurt, Sadness, Pain!

Last night, I noticed and came to the conclusion that I do not like crying! Y'all might be like, what?! There are many, many different types of tears as well. Tears of joy, pain, shame, fear, anxiety, love, death, birth, healing, and so much more titles. I had to let go of one of my best friends, because she moved. I was hurt, sad, and had a stitch of pain within my heart, questioning myself and actually God as well, "Why?" No, it was not the last thing in the world, however, I have been living here in this state for almost 3 years, and this friend was sent from God. It was hard to break it apart. Tears hurt, they hurt the inside of the heart, as well as they kick up the past emotions and thoughts. I have told myself many times before, do not cry, hold it all in. It was not until recently that I heard something which brought me to think otherwise. Holding it all inside will not bring you anywhere, it just causes more bitterness, anger, wounds, or hurt. The best remedy is to let it all out, allowing the tears to flow straight from the eyes rolling down the cheeks. Crying is a natural human motion and act, it washes the eyes, and clears away all hurt, letting it all out. Whenever I feel like crying, I'll go to God and just cry in his arms, telling him to catch my tears, and to heal my wounds and hurt.
I often think how unfair a situation is, although, God is a fair and just God. He has everything planned and searched out for a reason, and many times I think, this trial is never ending God! Nevertheless He gives me a hope and a promise, a place with no more suffering, with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears! Isn't this just so beautiful?! Knowing that I won't have to cry because of hurtful incidences, death, fear, sadness, and pain. The place God has for me is in His house, heaven. A place where my heart yearns to be, that is after I have a family! :) Tears are good for washing away the misery, however, God also gives us tears to wipe away the suffering. All of us may think how it is a little embarrassing to cry, and I know for guys it may be more than girls with that kind of feeling, but just remember, God gave us tears, emotions, and feelings all for a purpose, and letting them out every now and then is totally normal. It cleanses the heart, and washes away the dirt and hurt within!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My 11th Yr. of School is All Over! might be wondering why I'm saying wow, but once I explain my "WOW" you might be saying "WOW" too (or maybe not?!).

I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL! Today was my last day as a Junior in high school, I turned in all my tests, reports, and final exam, and finished it all with a great score! I have only one year left, and then my graduation of class 2010!

I'm so thrilled to finally have this school year behind me, it was the hardest and longest one ever, with all the homework, and not to forget, chemistry! God and I pulled it all the way through, we did it together and I also give credit to my mom and my oldest brother Marc who helped me with my chemical equations and algebraic equations! It was a tough nine months, and I know that the next 10 weeks of this summer will go by fast too before I start up again...senior year! Yikes! However, God pulled me through this one, and He won't let me down on the next one either! Praise God for this great report of completion and I also want to give congrats to all of you who graduated from this great task in this year of class 2009! Praise GOD for wise minds, and instilling within us a task of determination and diligence!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pictures of Germany

Alright, I finally got some pictures up from my brother Marc and my trip to Germany. Marc mostly made pictures of the scenery, and I would rather have pictures of the people. It just shows that I'm more of a people person to begin with! :)
A village like the one above is very small and the streets are often over crowded with people and cars. When driving through there, it was often a speed of no more than 5 mph.
Take a look at the lush from those trees. I always thought that where I live in America was very green, boy was I wrong!
Literally, the forest is in walking distance from my grandparent's house. If you're running, maybe 5 minutes, and walking about 10 minutes. It's amazing. The back with all the trees is the dark, cold, and yet beautiful forest.
A picture of the entire front side of the town I was nearby.
Just to give y'all a quick glimpse of how the houses are different over there as well. The whole style and layout is different, and yet very homey and cute.

This is another German castle standing in the middle of water, utterly amazing! A German family is actually still living in there, and maintain is daily. There have been many royal families dwelling therein in the past. A family once who had 22 children!
This town is where my brother Marc was born. If you look closely, there is a castle in the back of the picture. The villages and towns in Germany, especially where I was at, are so cute and beautiful!
I just love horses, and have grown to love them even more....these two beautiful horses live right in my grandparent's back yard. No, they don't own them, but they do share the property.
It's a very beautiful country! So green and lush, and the air is totally different than over here. God sure does leave his perfection in creation everywhere around the world.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Hello once again!!

I'm back....back from my trip to Europe. It was a great time, good moments with my grandparents and great grandma. I saw and realized the great need for this visit and knew that I had to be there. The flight on over was just fine, I was praying the entire time and just reflecting upon God, and it was amazing, by the time that flight was over, my faith grew a little bit more. I felt it for sure. When I took the return flight on home, I was not even a tad scared, I knew without a shadow of doubt that God was sitting right next to me in the spare seat! The time was indeed limited, and I tried to spent each and every second with them. I made many pictures and will keep them as a dear keepsake.

My brother fell in love with the German culture and life. He was born in Germany and thus felt a tad of connection. I was having a great time, and nevertheless, wanted to come home already this past Monday. I was homesick because the house was so quiet. I did not have my loving siblings to keep me company and to make me laugh and smile. I had the laughter, but still I missed their faces. To have all of their arms around me when I returned was great. However, while I was in this foreign land I felt the emptiness of Christ within this country. I was saddened and especially missed my Christian radio station. There was no sign of God, and all the young people were smoking and just living an awful life. This occurs within America as well, but at least there are Christians here!! I would often lie down in my bed and look at the stars and moon and just think and wonder. I prayed over the country as well when I was in the airplane. My heart is in America, and especially in Texas!!

It was a great trip, and I will be sharing some pictures of the scenery in the next couple of days. I've been awake for almost 24 hours now, and need to rest some before the busy week starts up again! I'm glad to be home and missed many things. I also felt amazed at how awesome God is and how omnipresent He is. I can talk to him in Illinois, and 4,000 and plus miles across the ocean! How awesome is that! Thanks for the prayers y'all and God BLESS!