Saturday, November 15, 2008

Give Me Your Eyes

I have been fighting with my inner self (you can say) about whether to share this music video, or to not. But, for some reason the thought has always been coming back to DO IT! So, here I am, posting this video up by Brandon Heath. I couldn't put the video on my blog as much as I wanted, the YouTube disabled it. Anyways, this entire song is such a witness to my family and I. It has become the song of the month! :) I just felt that I should share this with all of you. The video really speaks to us Christians. It's so true, we do need God's eyes. We are too blind. We categorize people too quickly as either being 'too sinful to hang around' or whatever it is we don't have the eyes to see the need this world is going through. We care too much about ourselves, when we should call out to God to give us his eyes, his arms, and pure humility to reach out to all the people. We are too busy to see the confusion everyone goes through. It's time to reach out to EVERYONE. Male, female, child, baby, widows(er), singles, homeless, etc. You need to care for the ones around you! Please check this video out, please watch it and I hope it ministers to you as well.


Lydia said...

It is neat that you share this. I just saw the video about a month ago at our D-Now weekend. It really challenged me as well. I was walking through wal-mart just the other day and that song came to my mind. It was an incredible moment for me as I noticed the people around me and prayed for them. Thanks for putting this on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nessa, that's an AWESOME video! I went to the store the other day with that song in my head, just wondering who God would have me reach out to. It's very touching to see something like that, the words make you think!!