Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Make a guy feel at ease!

I have added a new link to something just absolutely amazing! As girls, we all have the problem with dressing. We either want to fit in, wear something fashionable (me), dress to impress, or maybe you have chosen to dress to please God. Well, maybe you have thought before or you may have not. A lot of us don't think of guys before we get in the closet and pick something out, or whether you're at the mall or clothing store. We just think about ourselves. We just want to be cool and so with it. We will dress in skimpy clothing, tight pants or skirts, short, short, shorts, tight tops, low cut tops, see through blouses, and the list goes on and on. Now, I'm being bold, but shouldn't I touch this topic? I do want to stand up and be a difference. I could go into further detail, but as of now I have decided just to discuss this subject slightly, but enough to get my point across. When it comes to the truth I am very bold, just ask my family and friend. Anyways, my point is modesty.

We as girls have the tendency to just care about ourselves and just wear whatever is hot, or so in the style. We may not think at the moment that guys will see us and will struggle with themselves inwardly. Young godly men will have to fight with themselves in order to look away from lust. There can be a very strong christian young man, but when a pretty girl walks into the room all his thoughts turn to her, and literally his mouth will be dripping, or his heart pulsing very fast. My friend once told me that when she dressed modest around guys they felt more at ease. For example, when she wore a pair of loose jeans and a loose top. Now, when she had something on which was just a bit tighter, she could feel these same guys nervous, and not knowing how to react towards her. Isn't this shocking. I'm mostly talking of Christian men. I was at another neighborhood 1 1/2 ago, and that is what I CALL ungodly guys! I would get mocked for wearing modest clothing, that is in the summer. And when I wore something which was considered normal in their eyes, they went CRAZY! Ok, I could see that right there when wearing modest clothing guys feel (in my case) more at ease. I do believe that.

So, with all this said, I want you girls to check this Modesty Survey out. Take a look at it, and study it carefully. Don't get offended, only consider it as a blessing and learning more and more how to become like Christ! Amen!

Check this letter out from the Rebelution Blog, it's pretty straight forward.

Dear Friends, has launched the results of their massive Modesty Survey! Over 1,600 Christian guys have answered questions on everything from glitter lotion and lip gloss to swimsuits and skirt slits! It's everything girls have ever wanted to ask guys about modesty, but were afraid to ask! For guys, it's really interesting to see what other Christian guys think! Most importantly, the survey is presented as a resource to help Christian girls (and guys), not a list of legalistic rules, and it is accompanied by the Modesty Survey Petition (which tons of guys have signed) which encourage young women to focus on the heart, not the hemline, to honor their parents, etc.The results were released on St. Valentine's Day as a gift from 1,600 Christian guys to all Christian girls -- and I can't think of a better one! Now the survey is being endorsed by people like Shaunti Feldhahn ("For Women Only") Nancy Leigh DeMoss (Revive Our Hearts), CJ Mahaney (Sovereign Grace Ministries) and Shannon Ethridge ("Every Woman's Battle")!

TAKE A LOOK! The Modesty Survey


Lydia said...

Great post. AS you know I'm writing a book about this and say some of the same things. You have a wonderful perspective on this. I understand because often I want to dress to please myself and not God. Girls need to see this is sinning. Thank you again and I was wondering if I could maybe quote you on some of this?

Kalani said...

Another really great site out on modesty is

It has excellent articles!

Allison said...

The modesty survey is so neat. I've been blessed reading what different guys say about modesty...and how important it is!

I love the way you present things like modesty. You are so bold and to the point, but not condemning or mean.

Maiden of Purity said...


RYC (regarding your comment), I would have no problem with you quoting on some of this! It would be my pleasure. Although, I would love to know my info on that book. Would it be possible if you'd add my name next to lets say a quote you would use from me? Just a thought! I'm interested in that book! I'm be your first buyer!

Maiden of Purity said...

Lydia, I meant more info! Not my info!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

OK WOW, this is one of my FAVORITE things to look at on the interent!! That's probably one of the best things I've ever gotten for Valentine's Day!! (even though it wasn't Feb. 14th when I read it - duh!) But it's one of the most awesome things I've ever seen!! I'm so thankful for guys who will speak out like that. Some of the things that the guys said made me want to cry because I didn't know anymore Christian guys like that even existed!!! haha! It is a blessing. Ü