Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Will Your Choice Be?

This past week as I went shopping to a children's toy store, I was quite ashamed and appalled at how the media is introducing our young nation of children with immoral books and toys. To my surprise, I saw books for girls perhaps as young as 7 or so titled and all about 'boys, boys, boys.' One of the books was so sensual and a rather waste of money. It was titled, "Boys, boys, boys...." Then under the title, I saw what the book was all about, the top 50 or so cutest boys in Hollywood know all the insights from them. As I saw this, I was just thinking to myself, "How awful!" What a waste of ink, paper, and money. How sad and yet very disgusting at how our world is getting. Books as such are just causing girls to think of immoral thoughts. It is actually promoting sin! It makes girls wish to be with a guy as such, and to feel sad because perhaps they are not pretty enough. Another book which I spotted was, "How to make a guy attracted to you", that is just WRONG! And I am talking about 10 year old girls! That is even more shocking to me. A 10 year old needs to just stay pure, not worry about her looks, and not to be concerned what guys are thinking of her. The book titled, "Boys, boys, boys...." also including all the thoughts which guys think about girls and so forth!

When I see immoral things as such, my heart aches! I think of how awful and far our world is getting. This world is sucking up little girls, girls who are 8-10 these days are acting like 15 year old girls! All this foolish talk of who likes who, or my boyfriend, or all the insides of clothes and makeup and how to really get it on and make this cute guy look at me! Why, why do we want to impress a guy? We should not dig into all the celebrity gossip, or the 'talk' and 'secrets' of this world. Jesus is not looking for that, he is NOT interested in any of it! I have to remind myself of that ALL the time. I fall too, believe me. It is so sad how girls will feel inferior of themselves and will try to look so perfect and in the inside they are hurt and torn. All they want is the attention of a guy! They want his eyes on their body. I have spoken to many girls and most of them will say this, "I will know if I'm pretty if this guy just takes one look at me!" The world, my friends is terrible, it is an abomination to my eyes....if it hurts us Christians so, just imagine and think how it hurts our Father God in heaven?

There are many games out there which are selling and which many girls are buying because it tells who your 'crush' is. Or it will tell you how to get popular in school, or how to be the seller in your group of friends. Why....why all this foolishness? What is the purpose? What will it bring? NOTHING! Honestly, a lot of that silliness just brings pain to girls because they want what the teenage pop star girls of this world have...the money, the fame, the clothes, the looks, the guys, and all that worthless stuff. God does not want your money, He does not care if you are the most popular girl or the lowest girl ever. He wants that heart of yours. And He does not want it used, He wants it new! How many of you can give him that? Have you wasted your heart for someone else, perhaps a senseless guy? Please, please, please, do not sell your heart to anyone, but God alone! He needs it, and He WANTS it! Reading sensual books, articles, magazines, or whatever it is, is, to be honest and bold with you, wasting your time! All it is doing is creating this emptiness within many and this envy of wanting to look like this girl, and it is bringing you further and further away from Christ. I want to enter heaven with the words approaching, "Well done, my good and faithful servant!" Not otherwise, "I know you not, depart from me you worker of sinful deeds!"

Will you read all the gossip, or try to make a guy stumble just because you want it. That is being selfish! My heart is ALWAYS being convicted because of my sinful attitude and mind, and Christ is showing me more and more who I am and who I am to be! Make your choice with God's word. You cannot redo a mistake. However, you can recommit your life to Christ, now is your time to do so! You have control of who you are, your thoughts are just like a taxi, "Once in, it drives you where you want to go!" That is just like the mind, you can have that control of what you will think of! What is your choice.....


Anonymous said...

A VERY good post!
It's disgusting what they're selling in those stores!


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Allison said...

Wow, I'm disgusted and appalled at what the stores are using to attract young girls. And we wonder why girls have problems with thinking about boys all the time? *sigh*

It's like a scrapbook/journal type thing I saw for girls where you answer questions and stuff. It would be a great book except that it had things like "my boyfriend is..." and "why I don't like my family"! It breaks my heart to hear what the world promotes, though I shouldn't be shocked because those who are not followers of Christ are clearly against Him, His ways and His standards.

Anyway, hope you're having a wonderful week! :)

Lacy said...

It is sad, indeed. What is our world coming to?

Our neighbor's granddaughter, who is only 7 years old and goes to a "Christian" school, is already talking about who she likes in her class, who likes her, etc. Can you believe it? She's only SEVEN YEARS OLD! C'mon! And this is supposed to be a Christian school?!

Great post, Vanessa!

~ Lacy
A Godly Maiden