Saturday, October 10, 2009

Long Time...

Wow, I know it's been a very long time since I have posted anything on my blog, however, my life has gone through a few twists and turns here and there! So many new situations and circumstances have come up these past few weeks! Through all of this going on in my life, I have neglected a few things, however, as I come to the conclusion of it, I find that I have not neglected my blog and other things instead my priorities have shifted majorly. Thus, I will not be posting on my blog for awhile, due to some confusion within my life, something I cannot share with y'all, but must be kept personal, it's a time where God is growing and changing His child, reproving me and molding me to make me more like Him. I'm being tested in many areas spiritually, and mentally I am often dazed and fogged about many things. Thanks for your understanding!



Southern Maiden said...

i know everybody will be praying for you Vanessa, and so will I. Excited to see you back some time later! it won't be the same without your posts for a while.... luv ya Ü

Josh said...

Hi Vanessa,
Good to hear from you again! Although you can't share specifics, I understand and will be praying for you...

God Bless,

Daniel Turack said...

Know what you mean about twists and turns in life. Mine has gone through ALOT this past year. My Grandma passed away in May and my oldest brother just went through a divorce. And those are just the major changes. (Not to mention moving to Iowa) Will be praying for you and expectantly awaiting when you resume posting.:)
In Christ,
Daniel Turack

Jenna said...

I am praying for you, Vanessa~ I to, will miss your posts, but I hope to see you back when you get things figured out:)

Until then, the Lord bless and Keep you!!

Your Sister in Christ,

Bethany said...

Hey Vanessa,
Seeing as how I'm a rather new follower to your blog, I can't say I'll be missing you to much but I will be praying for you! I've been through some really confusing times in my life as well recently and God really will help you through!

A sister in Christ

Kathleen O. said...

I stopped by! ;P I will pray for you.

Moriah said...

I'll be praying for you. Remember God will ALWAYS guide you.

Pink Panther said...

Hi, I was attracted to your blog by the name, and it looks like I got here just in time to pray for you. I definitely will keep you in prayer.

Maiden of Purity said...

My friends, and blog readers,

I don't even know how to express my thoughts and appreciation in words! Reading each of your comments made me grin, and it also brought a sense of graditude at how y'all are praying for me! I don't even know some of y'all, and yet the Spirit of God brings us all close together! I thank you so much for your prayers this past month. I will share more within my coming post. However, I am ready to post on my blog once again, my thoughts have cleared, and God has showed me His grace! I surrendered to His will, and He brought me peace! Thanks y'all again!

In His Service,

Southern Maiden said...

OK Nessa, now that everything is worked out, you can get back to your awesome posts!!! (haha)

Josh said...

Hi Vanessa,
Thanks for commenting on my blog! I had a quick question? Do you live in Michiagan? I read about your birthday post and how you went to Lake Michigan. and that was why I was wondering.
Sorry, I don't mean to be creepy =) And you don't need to respond if you don't want to!

In Christ Alone,

Maiden of Purity said...

Josh, no problem! I kinda figured that y'all live somewhere close to me because it seems as if we experience the exact weather! :) However, I live on the other side of Lake Michigan, in norhtern IL, right on the WI border line! However, the comment which I left on your blog, and the friends in which I was talking about live in Tx. It is funny because three years ago I lived in Tx myself, and thus meeting more people down there from the blogging world was really amazing!

Adam said...

Ill be praying.

Signed A Brother in Christ


Hebrews 12:3