Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh, That's How She Looks Like!

So, I bet many of you have wondered for some time how this private blogger looks like! Well, I haven't been on much lately, and never did post pictures, until the other day when the idea popped into my mind to do so! Thus, that picture on the side is...this blogger! Yep, that happens to be me right there. I'll be posting a picture next week of my entire family. I would do it sooner, but it is our Christmas picture and I will be sending it out to others who follow and view my blog and I want them to see it before it gets on my blog! For those waiting, just have patience, and know that the girl who writes all of these posts, no longer remains mysterious!


Bethany said...

Very cool! BTW, your hair is beautiful. :)


Jenna said...

Thanks for sharing the picture, Vanessa! I'm so glad that you're back:)

I second what Bethany said, your hair is beautiful!!


poetic_capture said...

Very cute picture! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Rachel's Blog said...


I just found your blog off of Feminine Farmgirl and I absolutely LOVE it! I can't tell you how encouraging your posts are to me. I am following your blog and look forward to spending more time here!!!!

Thank you SO much for proclaiming God's truth so boldly ~ you will be blessed for it!


Josh said...

Hey Vanessa,
It was fun to see this picture, I always like a face to put with a name! God Bless you richly =)
A brother in Christ,

Southern Maiden said...

Wow Vanessa, I'm so surprised that you put a pic up here!!! That's a really good picture of you. Ü Merry Christmas!

Adam said...

Hey good picture!!

Look forward to seeing your family pictures..

Vanessa I have given you a AWARD
you can get your award on my blog.

Signed a brother in the Lord
Adam :)

Adam said...

Hey Vanessa,
There is this radio station I listen to here in Sugar Land TX.
That I thought you might enjoy they are having 5 days of God honoring
Christmas music, played starting on the 21st of December.
And if you can not get their station you can listen to them off
the WEB. Here is a link > for info

Their call letters are KHCB Keeping Him Close By.

Signed a Brother in the Lord,


I pray you may have a
 Merry Christmas 

Maiden of Purity said...

Thanks for that info Adam, how kind of you! So, you live in Sugar Land! I was down there this past summer on a visit to see some friends which I'm pretty sure you know (Horvaths), and a few others?! Well, thanks again, and I wish you a very merry Christmas as well! :)


Daniel Turack said...

Thanks for sharing. I did wonder why there were no pics before. Great picture and Merry Christmas.

In Christ,
Daniel Turack