Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A New Start

My fellow friends and bloggers! I have moved on. My life has taken me elsewhere; a place where creativity is formed in the mind, a place where words are mixed together to form phrases, a place where my hands and fingers exercise daily. I have taken up the passion of writing. No, it's not only writing for fun or a hobby, it's writing as a career, a task. I am a novelist, an author. After many months of seeking the Lord, I came to the conclusion that I was being led to write. At first I was confused what to write. Was I to write books about relationships God's way? Devotionals? Articles? Nonfiction? There were many months where I tried all options, writing anything and submitting to various publications. I became published, soared with excitement and pressed onward.

At the end of the winter of last year, I suddenly thought of writing a novel...not just any ordinanry novel, a Christan novel. I thought how irnoic this would be, especially since I didn't like reading fiction, particualary dramatic/contemporary fiction. Well, I took on the task of this hard and tedious practice, enduring for long hours daily. The novel was complete, but I felt imcomplete. I didn't lose faith however, especially since I joined school again (enrolled online in a Fiction Writing School). I continued to master my skills, write over 2,000 words a day, compose short stories, and studied the ins and outs of the mastery of writing. I was writing endlessly every day, figuring out everything I had to learn to accomplish this work. I entered writing contests, had deadlines after deadlines, studied the market, contacted publishers, wrote editors, and studied nonstop. I started working on top of this, writing morning, afternoon, and night. Soon I realized that I discovered the love for writing that was within my soul. I prayed about my novel and what I should do with it. I didn't think it was suitable for public, considering that it was my first one and I didn't know anything about fiction writing. I put this novel aside and took up another in November. The Lord equipped me with the ability to write endlessly that month. I would write up to 4,000 words a day as I had yet another deadline by the 30th of November. I reached 50,000 words by midnight of that day and continued writing. Gladly, I finish the novel this is such an accomplishment and I feel very satisfied with this manuscript. The Lord has blessed me with a publisher, as well as a friend who takes time to moderate all of my short stories. I plan to have this novel published by the summer. I applied for my next online school course and am waiting for acceptance. As you can see, I have been busy with a whole new area in my life. It is an exciting time, as well as challenging and testing. I am learning each and every day what it means to have patience as I wait to hear back from publishers, editors, and publications. I have been rejected quite a few times, but see it as a lesson. I know that I have to perfect my writing more and more, and I will attain this with the comments I receive.

Seasons come and go in our lives, this is something I am constantly reminded of. I have gone through ups and downs and I know that it is far from over. At the moment things are going well, overwhelming, but quite well. I find enjoyment in what I do because I know that this is what the Lord wants of me. I am blessed because I now understand what it means to listen to the voice of God. I will be still and listen to that powerful yet soft voice--it's an oxymoron if you ask me! So with all of this said, I am moving on. I am closing Maiden of Purity but I would love for you to follow me on my new adventure destined by the Lord. Writing With Inspiration is where you will find me now.

I will post every Wednesday on this new blog and would love to see you as a follower over there. I will be posting the nicks about writing, my writing assignments, story ideas, and book projects. I am thankful for each one of you and that I had the time that the Lord gave me to minister through this blog!

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