Thursday, March 6, 2008

The joy with siblings

I realized today that my younger siblings think I know what everything and where everything is. It is just sooooo funny. My brother Alec earlier asked me a question thinking I knew the answer. He said, "Vanessa do you know where that book is?" Hello, how should I know?What book? This happens sooooo often. I often am amused by the questions they ask. Having siblings is just awesome! It lightens up the whole atmosphere, I don't know what I would do without them. Even though many times we go through arguments, and fighting, but sometimes whenever we do fight, we stop and start laughing, because we realize how ridiculous we are acting! However, every moment with them is worth it. I don't ever have the sense of embarrassment going places with them. This one couple I know are always wondering how my family does it. They think we literally have a zoo of kids! It's ridiculous! I think the best present one could have is a family! What else do you need. You have someone to watch over you and to love you (parents); and you have playmates (siblings). There is never a boring moment in my house. We often have friends call who have one or two kids and they always say, "Wow, your guy's house is never quiet, is it?" No it's not! But I love the noise, often if I'm home alone, I can't stand it, so I make a ton of noise! I'm glad that I have these guys with me, I have an older brother and three below me! I couldn't be without my family!

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Hannah said...

Hey Vanessa,
If your friends think your house is loud - send them over here. They'll think you guys are quiet. Hehe!
Mrs. Babiak