Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stay at-home daughters

How is everyone? Are you guys still hanging in their with this flu going around? I've heard of quite a few of people who have got it. It's a nasty thing! I really believe spring is definitely on its way, it will be good to wipe away the sickness! I am seeing with everyday an opening in the ground and I just know it's coming! It's not that shocking though, because it will be here on the 20 of March. I can see that our dog is experiencing spring already-he's shedding!

How many of you have seen the movie, 'The Return of the Daughters'? Now, that is a really good, documentary! I have spoken to a few girls at church and it looks like they all saw it, but those of you who haven't, I really recommend that you do see it. It's not something you can get in your local video store, (ha ha-wish you could) but you probably need to order it from or maybe your church library carries it?! When one of my friends first told me about it, I was like "What, what in the world is that all about?!" Anyways, you are probably wondering why it is so good, and why it should be watched?! Well, let me tell you!

There are not too many girls these days over the age of 18 or whenever graduated at home. Many girls decide to leave their home and head on to get a career, either getting a college degree or just picking up the shoe laces and want to make something of themselves. They want to show the world that girls can to do anything. They don't want to be known as the weaker vessel as the bible mentions women to be in 1 Peter 3:7. Girls want to show themselves to the world and they want to be the best of the best. They want to make themselves KNOWN! And when they do this, they simply allow the dangers from the world to come in. Instead of abiding under their father's house and following his plans for their lives, they think they can do it all themselves! That movie shows us how beautiful it is when a girl lives under her father's wings until her mate comes, and picks her up. I don't know very many girls who are still at home at the age of 18-20. I do know one specific young lady who is 18, and she is still at home, helping her parents with whatever needs to be done. She has be done with school since she was 17 and she is currently living with her family. I think that is very beautiful.

That movie my friends, is a MUST! It will change many of you in a good way. If you thought all your life that you need to get a career once you're done with high school, and just get out of your comfort zone and move on, YOU ARE WRONG! Helping your father is more satisfying for both you and him! Why do you want to help someone else out in a work environment, when you can please your own dad and father in heaven! Our world is deceiving young girls that you need to find yourself and staying with your family is just not right. They are telling you that you are wasting your years. I think they are trying to say, "YOU ARE NOT WASTING YOUR YEARS!"

I haven't graduated from high school yet, but will be in 2 years. I am not planning on going to college nor do I want to leave the house everyday and get a job. No thank you! I am planning with the help of my parents, to establish my own music studio. Where I will have a certain amount of children come to the home where I can teach them either the violin or piano. I can then carry that business whenever I get married and bring it to my own home someday, and that will always be a great help to the income. This is a great web to look at.

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