Friday, July 25, 2008

Bible reading

Well, the info my parents told me is too scary for some of you. I don't wanna to scare the dickens outta ya! It's wild y'all, and scary what's out there!! So, just disregard all my other words in the previous post and just be careful and remember to be on alert when using the Internet and your blog. And not to put too much of personal info on the blog or whatever you keep. Web, blog, or myspace, be on caution.

Have y'all kept up your bible reading this summer? I know summer is a time for relaxation, and to just kick up your feet and forget about routine and everything. But hey, your bible reading and spending time with the Lord shouldn't be a thing you have to worry about doing everyday and reminding yourself, it should be a thing where you will NOT forget, where it gets into such a habit that when you awake in the morning you will want to, and you can't forget! I know many of you have a busy summer schedule and you don't 'have' time 'right now', but 'later', believe me, don't use that word 'later' because it won't happen. It won't work, at least not for me. It just slips away, and then I get caught up into somethings else. So, God is the first thing you should come to, start out your day with meeting God!


Anonymous said...

I don't scare easily. :P

It's a habit of mine not to put out too much information on the internet. My first name and picture is about all. Where I live, phone number, address, or last name stay hidden.

I've kept up my Bible readings in the evenings, but I would like to start reading in the morning as well, to start the day off with prayer and the reading of God's Word is something I would very much like to start... but I'm not an early bird and I don't get out of my nice warm bed very easily... LOL. I will keep trying though!

~ Lacy

Anonymous said...

Oh Lacy I wasn't a morning person either, til I started watching the sunrise!! And then I thanked God for such beauty that I had been missing all those 15 years!!!! Ü

OK Nessa, that was a goood one! I have a hard time with saying "later" too, it's just a matter of making myself not forgetting to it!