Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lost souls!

Looks like I'm on a roll here, getting a post up everyday. Hm, don't get tooooo used to it, I might get a packed week one of these days, but I sure do enjoy getting a post up when I can. Just to let y'all know, I got a poll up! Yeah Vanessa!!

I got something pretty interesting to talk about. If you look at my post from yesterday it has to do with filthy talk and a froward mouth. Now, I DO HATE bad language, but to my surprise, I heard a whole lot of it yesterday evening at the park.

I was with my little sister at the play ground yesterday waiting for my two little brothers to finish their soccer practice. OK, my mom and dad were walking around the block nearby, so they left me in charge of my sister, which was fine. My mom didn't like the idea too well, because the area looked a bit, well you know, risky. But, she went along with the plan and made sure she'd keep an eye on the two of us every once and a while. She kept looking back at the play ground until there came a building at which my little sis and I were out of mom's and dad's sight. I didn't think much about it, since I was there with others and there was a whole bunch of dads from the soccer. Well, soon enough there came a whole 'gang' of African American boys. All ages, I'd say from 5-13. Oh my word, my heart was about to fall into pieces, my friends, I think I was about to die of pain. Those words which came out of their mouths was nothing but filth!

They started cussing at all the kids, and it was this one mom and me who were the only which you can say, "older ones." Well, this mom walked away with her daughter because it was getting pretty nasty with their talk. I grabbed my little sister's hand and started walking off, but had an eye on this one boy who I'm guessing was about 7. He could NOT say a single sentence without using profane talk. He started cussing at me and thinking he was the boss. I stood up and had enough, I couldn't take this bad mouth of his. I said, "You better stop this right now, what gives you the right to scare everyone off this play ground? It is not yours!" Ooh, did he blow up or what. He called me nasty names which I will never ever put in my mouth. He said something like this (without fowl language). "You, you, I don't care what you say to me, you're nothing but...." I was shocked and hurt at how little kids like this can be so perverted in their mind. I kept talking to him when there was this other boy who said, "Hey you, you better watch what you are doing, don't you be messing with him!" Sure enough that little boy who spoke back at me picked up some woods chips and through them at me! I left him alone and walked off. I wanted to say more, but I had to be careful because there were other boys who were about 17, and they could of come over and done the rest. I was in such a shock, and so troubled, my own heart was hurt at how you have youngsters like this talk in such a perverted way. I have never ever heard such speech.

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep I thought about that little boy. I can't even imagine what his household is like. I don't even want to imagine. I bet he has parents who yell, and use fowl language. I bet he has a total messed up life. There is something which he hates about himself because he's trying to use all his anger and beat up on other little kids. I feel very sorry for children like this. He doesn't know what love is, he probably has never had someone to love him. I prayed last night for that little boy and his friends, that they will all find Christ, that there will be some person who will bring the gospel around to these lost souls. There is no other hope but the love of Christ. I have seen the world from all corners for the past few days now and it is very hurtful to know what is out there. To know that you have children like this, they are left unattended day after day. They probably learn all this from the TV, their parents, friends, etc.. I can't go on thinking and walking past people like this, I want them to know who Christ is. I want them to live a life for God. That little boy has so much misery in his life. Think about it, he's just starting out his life, wait until he's 17 or 18, then we will talk about destruction. We need to begin praying for lost souls like this. Cry out to God, that they will find the light and that God will forgive them and they will turn their lives around and be a testimony to those around them!
Jesus is the hope for every man!


Allison said...

Wow, what an experience! I can't believe that the boys saying such awful things were so young! I'm thankful I wasn't in that situation. You handled it well, although the boy didn't care what you said. I'll be praying for him!

Kalani said...

Yes, I'll be praying for the boys too. That was one experience! Rejoice and be exceeding glad for being reviled at!
By the way, sorry about any mispellings on my email..I was writing so fast and had to get off that I couldn't check my writing. I realized on the first one, I wrote 'you' instead of corrie opps!
Keep the light of Jesus burning brightly in your life!