Saturday, October 11, 2008

Funny conversation between a little one!

Hey everyone. I'm once again sorry that I haven't been posting like I 'want to', but there has been a few issues going on around here lately that I have to slow down and just take a break. Anyways, I don't have much to say just a cute story that went on the other night between my little sister and I.

Her name is Izzabella (Izzy), this is how our little five minute conversation went like. She calls me Nessa, just so you know.

"Hey Izzy, you know that in a few years from now you'll be loosing your teeth."

"But-but, Nessa, I don't want them to fall out, I eat healthy food, my teeth are strong!"

"Yeah, I know you don't eat sugary foods, but it's just normal as you get older, your body just does that so you can have some big girl teeth."

"But why? It's gonna hurt, who does this to me? Who will punch me?"

"Oh Izzy, no one will punch you or hurt you, God just has it planned out like that."

"Well, tell God that I don't want him to take my teeth out! Tell him I eat too healthy, and my teeth aren't suppose to go anywhere!"

Cute, huh? What a blessing to have a little one!


Noelle said...

Awww, how sweet -- don't you just love kids?! :D

Noelle said...

By the way, I really love the first two songs on your playlist! 'Come To Jesus' is one of my favorites (I like quite a few of Chris Rice's songs) and I started liking Who Am I as soon as I heard your playlist. :)

Katie said...

Thats is really cute! Its a wonder we were ever like that isn't it? ;)

Have a Blessed Day!


Allison said...

lol That's funny. I document the cute/funny sayings from my little brothers--so I don't forget! :)

Life Savior said...

That's funny.