Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My answers to the test

Ok, I'll now tell you my answers to my 'True Friend Test'. Be glad this was a friend test, not a math test! :o

Question #1: Am I girly girl, or more of tomboy?
Answer: I'm a tomboy! LOL. I'm serious, my mom has to slow me down at times!!
Question #2: What is my favorite time of the day?
Answer: Morning-it's the time to meet with GOD!
Question #3: Which 2 instruments do I like the best?
Answer: Violin and Piano-duh, that's because I play those two!!
Question #4: Out of these 4, which do I like the most?
Answers: Well, talking is the one! I'm a very social person-my nickname at times....'social butterfly' my name means butterfly!
Question #5: Out of these 4, which do I hate the most?
Answer: TV-I mean the local channels and cable. Now, I do like some movies (i.e. Christian movies)
Question #6: How many siblings do I have?
Answer: The Lord has blessed me with 4.
Question #7: How many children do I want?
Answer: Get ready for this one y'all.....13! Hey, babies are a BLESSING!
Question #8: My favorite color?
Answer: Green
Question #9: Which one is my dream?
Answer: Living on a ranch and farm and marrying a cowboy! Hey, I'm still a Texan in heart!
Question #10: Am I loud or quiet?
Answer: LOUD! Ask my entire family plus friends! Nessa is a LOUD one! LOL!

Now you all know me from a different perspective. If you thought I was this proper little (well, little is right!) girl, then you were wrong. What I mean by little is....height!! Hahaha!

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Allison said...

I beat you...I want 14 children. ;)

I hate T.V. too--so much sin and evil comes from that box!!