Friday, October 17, 2008

One more time!

Once layout! Y'all you just have to get used to it, Vanessa changes things all the time! How do you like this one?


Emily's Rabbit Blog said...

Hey Vanessa,
I like your new background, it reminds me of fall! =)

Kalani said...

I reallty like this one!!! It looks so nice and "autumny"!!

Allison said...

I like it as well!

Nicole K. said...

Hello! My name is Nicole. I really like your blog! May I ask how you got the music for the blog?
And I just wanted to add: I get so excited when I find someone who shares the love of chilren! I have six siblings and I have always wanted 10 children myself!:)The pictures you posted are lovely. We live in the country surrounded by hills which are so pretty in the fall. God's creation is beautiful, isn't it?
Nicole K