Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Using my eyes for a purpose!

Oh boy, this blog is getting neglected!

I have a short story which occurred last night, and as I was thinking this morning in school I also have a great way to post around the story, so sit back and enjoy my life last night!

Last night I went to orchestra practice. It happens to be that my family is always late for almost everything there seems to be. So, I had practice and sure enough, I was about 10 minutes late. Most of the time I will walk through the band room door which is located outside for the person who takes me can see. Nevertheless, since I was late, I had to walk through the main school doors into the band room located at the back of the school. However, before all that took place, my brother dropped me off outside on the parking lot and there I went walking off to the entrance door. Although, the moment we entered the parking lot, I noticed to my left that there were two teenage guys who were hanging out on the wall. Now, just as the normal human does, I automatically looked at their outward appearance and I saw they way they were dressed and how their actions and moods were like. I was scared and frightened a tad, all because of the fact that I was walking their alone. So, I got out of the car and saw another young man who goes to the orchestra, and I caught up with him, all because I did not want to walk by those doors and into the entrance alone! As I walked by, with the other young man a few feet ahead of me, I could hear the two teens who were by the door whispering and saying a few phrases about me. Did that run the chills down me or what!? I prayed as I walked by those guys and actually was probably voicing a prayer out loud. I stepped into the building and I immediately felt God's presence all over me and his protection surrounding me.

Now, this is what I'm going to tie around this story. The moment I entered the driveway, I knew that I had to practice the act of alertness. If I would of purposefully walked by those guys carelessly, I could of gotten into some serious danger and mess. God at once gave me the wisdom and his eyes so that I could see the danger around me. The Lord does this amazingly and so beautifully and he gives us all the wisdom and alertness we need in order to act wisely and live our life with protection. Last night I once again noticed how evil this world is and how so many youngsters want to purposefully hurt others. I'm not positively sure if these guys wanted to do some harm, although, I had enough wisdom to be on the look out, to practice alertness and act aware just in case.

God gives us a mind and eyes to see around us. Our eyes have a purpose, God placed them for a reason. I learned a lesson last night. Even though nothing dangerous occurred, I was brought to the fact that living my life on this world is not to be done carelessly and wastefully, although with caution and the major aspect which I learned, with alertness. Jesus is alert at all times. Last night he was on the watch for his little girl, bringing me into that building with me in his arms. He was not going to let me go alone, because I'm never alone.

Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee. 1 Timothy 4:16


Southern Maiden said...

Hey Vani. That's a great verse to go with that story!!! There's so many amazing incidents where people have witnessed God's hand in action taking care of them - and now you can add yours to the list!!! Ü

Elena said...

Great story!!!! It's amazing how God helps us when we need him!!