Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who is in control?

Yesterday morning as I checked the weather for the weekend I was shocked and surprised to find out that we were going to suspect snow! The last week in March, come on, that just gotta be a mistake. So, the day went on and it was soooo cold and big thick clouds, I began to think otherwise, and then came to the conclusion, "Hold it, the weatherman said nothing of this in the beginning of the week!" Although, I then noticed and realized that, "OK, Mr. Weatherman thinks he has complete control of the weather, because they guessed about 5 inches of snow at the most, and none more." Shockingly, I woke up this morning with about 8 inches of more of snow in my front yard. Let's look at this from a different perspective, "Who is in charge of the weather again?" The weatherman or God? Perhaps just because the weatherman says so or anyone else says something, we believe it. I always get a kick out of it when God decides total opposite.Maybe we don't get a call or letter from God saying this will happen, and people will warn us, but then their warning was wrong, and this is when we have to turn back and look at God, who has it all in his hands.

Once again, the snow storm which poured down last night brought me to think once again how God has complete power and absolute control of everything. All the snowplows were not prepared for this, because they believed that it was never gonna snow this much! Hello, are we forgetting who is in control of this world? Not man, nevertheless God. The one above has complete charge and rule over it all. Why should we listen to the people with the more knowledge, we often listen to too much of their smartness, and our focus gets off that Christ can make it snow today and have 100 degree temperature tomorrow. Amen. Too many people these days are trying to assume and make way to many predictions, nonetheless, we need to give God the plate and realize that it is not our making and not our plans. Whatever you want oh God!

"...which is the head of all principality and power." Colossians 2:10(b)


Anonymous said...

I rained during the retreat, so no outdoors stuff, but the indoors stuff was fun, too! :)

Kalani said...

What a wonderful meditation Vanessa! Your post reminded me of an event just hours before the snow started. My family was talking with a friend who was over and they were all saying that it probably won't snow that much and will melt quickly! It is melting kind of fast but there is so much snow!!