Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Faults of Teenagers...Be Different!

Well, if you haven't noticed how our world is turning more and more worldly, allow myself to share a story that proves it more so!

A few weeks ago my oldest brother, youngest sister, and I were out together. We happened to be sitting next to each other, and the place where we were at, people have always seen Marc and I together, without parents. Nevertheless, a complete stranger came up to us and poised the question, "Is that your daughter?!" I looked at her with total shock and confusion and asked for her to repeat herself again. Thus she did, and because I was so taken back I shot out the words, "NO!" I thought that strong and powerful word, "NO!" would of cut her off, nonetheless, she went on with what she thought...into so much detail. Again she stated, "Oh, I thought you were in a relationship with this guy right here and y'all had this girl as your daughter!" I looked at my brother and was dumbfounded and said, "I'm sorry ma'am, however, these are my siblings." To think that Marc and I married...excuse me!? Here is where I'm going with this, I look far younger than my actual age, most people think of me as either 14 or 15, and my brother perhaps as 17 or 18, and thus this is what they thought. Do you get my point? People these days are beginning to assume that just because you have perhaps your younger sibling(s) with you that they are your children.
It is true that teenagers are becoming parents, instead of waiting patiently for their bride or groom they are letting themselves lose into the parenting world, and not getting married perhaps but continuing to have more children. We have so many teenage pregnancies, and many of these teenagers are not wanting to hold their mistake and take charge, that they believe they can easily get rid of this living being with an abortion! I have heard of young girls being pregnant at 13 or 14, and not only having one but three or four. Are you wanting to save yourself, or are you willing to give it all up with no care, just because you want the desire but have the choice to get rid of the baby? We need to think wisely before we make any mistake, and the topic I am discussing at this moment is very important. Teenagers are wanting a girlfriend or boyfriend and often that relationship gets deeper and deeper and then one morning they are shocked to find out that they will be parents! Many teenagers are not ready to parent a child which is very understandable because of the way they are growing up these days, and this is when they decide to use the quick and fast way to keep their life the same-abortion. However, will it really be the same? No, because how can you deal and live with yourself after you have had an abortion. Knowing that this child is life, a human being! I once heard of a story concerning a young lady and she stated that she had to confess because when she was in college she fell for temptation and her sinful desires caused her to conceive a baby and thus she was in no mood to raise this child and aborted it. Later on in life she found Jesus, and married and had many children of her own and could not live with herself because of what she had done many years before hence. She constantly thinks of this life, the life she threw away carelessly all because she wanted to live her youth. She says, "I would have one more child, another one to care and love for, another one for God's kingdom, how was I so immature and foolish?" It is but all too late. There has been over 40 million abortions since 1973!
Think before your actions. The story above about myself and my siblings is concerning this because the generation these days have the mindset that just because I'm a teenager it means the I have a boyfriend and that just because my sister happened to be with me she definitely must be my daughter. Make a statement with your life, a purpose and a reason. Do not waste your youth with boyfriends/girlfriends and breaking up and then restarting all over again. Make that strong promise and commitment to save yourself for that special person. We are all falling and each of us have sinned, nevertheless, break your temptations, your strongholds. If you struggle with the fact of wanting a boyfriend or girlfriend, and wanting to get deeper with this person, just think, "Will you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her?" Do you want the responsibility of caring for a child at the moment, out of wedlock? Wouldn't you rather have children with the man or woman or your desire and God's plan, once you're married? Allow these questions to ponder within your heart and if God is wanting to work within your life, let Him, don't hold back any fear or pain! We are not ready to father or mother a child in a risky relationship, one out of high school or college, wait until your wedding ceremony and the wedding bed. Let's make a statement for the whole world to see that we are different, and will not participate in the sinful and evil doings of this world. It is hard to often stay emotionally and physically pure, however, the reward thereafter is beautiful and amazing! Do not give your heart or body away, girls this means to dress modestly, because it is giving a guy sexual desires. And when a guy is just for your body he does not love you, because he can't respect your decision for staying pure. Give your heart to the Lord Jesus, because He will satisfy you with His love, it is more than enough. Be careful where your feet trod and if you have a weak back with guys or girls, stay away from trouble! Never ever be alone with the opposite sex, it's not worth it, the consequence is far greater, and it hurts! Imagine having to tell your wife or husband later on in life, "I'm sorry, however, I had another relationship before I knew you, and a child came out of that, although, I chose to abort that baby!" You can save yourself from this hardship, and from the agony of losing a child you once didn't want...with the love of Jesus and the discipline, if you give Him your heart! We live in a world of pressure and confusion, however, you need to stand strong, and not stand on sifted sand!


Jenna said...

I have a similar story...we were at a family reunion (who would have thought!) and somebody asked me if Laura was me and Josh's daughter...I was SO shocked too! NO WAY, this is my sister and that is my twin.

Scary how the world thinks!

Thanks for the encouraging post - Im saving myself for marriage.


Josh said...

Great Post once again Vanessa!
Three of my sisters are under 4, and when I hold them in public, one of the first things people say is: "Is she yours? She's a cutie!"...WHAT??? WHAT??? What do you mean is she mine?! No way! I'm only Fifteen!!!Yikes!

God Bless,

Katie said...

Great post! When I babysit and my brother and I go somewhere with the kids people always think Micah and I are married and that they are my kids! And what's worse is that I look younger then my age, so they have got to be thinking that some 14 or 15 year old has her own kids! My mama was my age when my older brother was born, but that's because my parents married at 18. To think what the world has come to, that a brother and sister, much less guy/girl friends can't be out somewhere without people thinking they are a couple!

I have never understood how someone could abort their child. And the most horrible reason I have been told is "Well, God told me to do it" I don't care if you are unmarried or not, God would NEVER lead you to murder your child.

Again, great post and thanks for the encouragement!

Elena said...

Haha, you and Marc, haha I couldn't stop laughing when you said that someone asked is you and Marc had Izzy. :P Great post!!! I've never been in this situation. At my ballet class during a break, the subject of teen pregnancies came up and how at BHS there are a lot. It's really sad.

Adam said...

Me and my sister where at the
Texas Home School Conference
in the woodlands and people
kept on asking how long we
had been married. So I
relate with the story you tolled.

thank you for the great post

Beth Ann said...

I agree with you. I have been posed with the same question before. I was maybe 16 at the time, but people do tell me I look older so, I suppose it was understandable. ;)

~Miss Raquel said...

My family and I were recently visiting a church and a lady there asked if my brother and I were married!!! Like you, "NO!!" :) I guess she thought so because we were standing next to each other and my brother was holding our youngest, baby sister. But still!! People have thought were twins, so how could two people who look so much alike be married!? Give me a break!! :)
Great post! And amen with Jenna - I AM keeping myself pure for a GODLY marriage.

~Miss Raquel