Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Years Old!

Well, this is a random post, and I'm kinda getting tired of writing the next part of the series (it's , coming....soon!) Anyways, today is Maiden of Purity's second birthday! Yep, it's been already two years since I started this blog. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, whereas other days it feels like forever! It has been a good two years, I grew a lot spiritually and my writing style has really changed. I think I have found my true purpose in writing now. So, I just like to remember that two years ago today I started my blog, and it is amazing how many people I have *met*. There are a few bloggers that I have met in person, and then a few that I converse with and have not met-yet. Alright, so one birthday wish Maiden of Purity has (me too) is to find out how many people/bloggers actually visit. So, if y'all wouldn't mind leaving a short comment just so that I can estimate a random number! :)

God bless!

BTW, I am working on my post as I said, it will just be a few more weeks (perhaps)!? I am very busy at this moment and thus need to find the moment to sit down and finish it. Thanks for your patience, I'm pretty sure y'all understand! ;-)


Michelle said...

Ya know I read it! :) :) :)

Jenna said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Vanessa (and Maiden of Purity!) and your blog have been a huge encouragement and blessing to me. Keep up the outstanding posts, and yes, I totally understand having to find the time to sit down and write - it can be hard, can't it?!

Well, I read every post so count me in the number!

Blessings to you, my blog friend:)

Paige's Page said...

Me! Haha I look at your blog regularly. I very much enjoy reading your posts. :) They are very thought provoking in a good way.

Lexi said...

Congrats on your second year blog birthday!! =)

Josh said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Everytime I come to visit, I walk away encouraged from reading your posts.

I LOVE to read your blog, so count me in on your estimate...


Charity said...

Congrats Vanessa!! I love your blog...
count me in your estimate!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday!!!! Thanks for your encouraging posts :)
God bless you

Samantha said...

I do visit your blog on occasion! I see posts in my reading list on my dashboard and this reminds me to visit! (And then I know just when you post! =)

Tiffany said...

I just recently started reading your blog! It is so encouraging! Count me in :)

Adam said...


I look at your blog when ever there is something new and sometimes to read the older post..

Signed a Brother in the Lord

Adam :)

Daniel Turack said...

Well I think you can count me in on that number. I've visited and commented, well a few times. :) Congrats on your two year birthday.
In Christ,
Daniel Turack

Southern Maiden said...

Hey girl - ya know you can count me in! Happy Blog Birthday! lol

Anonymous said...

Read and love your blog! :)


Lauren said...

hey Nessa :) I enjoy visiting your blog.

Grace said...

Happy B-day! :) I just started my own blog, Guarded Heart (thanks for visiting by the way :))and I think it's cool that you've had yours for 2 years. Any advice for a new-comer? :)

Moriah said...


Maiden of Purity said...

Well Grace, I would say that when having a blog, it is important to involve God within all your posts. To keep Him as the main focus and even if you just receive 1 comment on some posts, to still continue with what God wants you to. I know that when I started I only have an average of 3 comments. Now that it is going on for about 2 years, I get an average of 15-20. Thus, it important that we view it as a ministry for God and not for the value and perspective of getting more comments!


Rosa said...


My name is Rosa and I am 14 years old. I just stumbled across your blog today. Your post about hugging people of the opposite gender turned up in a google search I was conducting. I didn't know if you would see my comment if I commented on that post instead of this one... anyway. I was greatly encouraged when I saw your last post was the 18th of February, which means it's possible you could get back to me!

I must say I find reading your blog somewhat difficult and a bit painful. I love what you are writing, but I am a sinner and I don't like hearing the truth. Your post about hugging caught my attention, because hugging guys is something I am struggling with at this very moment. It hurt, I must admit, to read your opinions on hugging guys - but I'm glad and I want to thank you for writing that so I could read it tonight. I already know that if I ask the question I am about to and you answer, that I am not going to like your answer. But I need to ask.

Right now, I know a guy who likes me. I know that's cliché, but even clichés are real to some people. The thing I'm struggling with is the fact that I know this guy has been through some tough stuff and he needs someone to love him. I am not saying that is my job, but I am saying that that touches me and I want to be there for him. Sometimes he will ask me for a hug, and I feel like I can't turn him down because I don't want to hurt him. What do you think I should do?

If you read this and respond, wonderful =D if not, that's fine. I just wanted to say that I read on here what I needed to be told, even if it hurts, and I'm thankful for that.

Oh and if you think it's weird to respond to someone you don't know, that's fine. This is a weird comment. =)

thanks again,

Maiden of Purity said...


Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I do not think that you left a weird comment, however a comment from a young girl who is confused just like the rest of us about certain issues. However, before I leave my answer to the comment, is it okay with you if I ask how you view purity? I can see where you are coming from and it is a question which is perhaps tough to pin point down, nevertheless, I have prayed to God and He has given me the wisdom to reply back. It may be a hard answer just like the rest of my posts, nevertheless, I believe it will make clear sense! Anyways, I hope to hear back from you! If not, I understand, only if you feel comfortable!

In Christ,

Rosa said...

Thanks for getting back to me :)

Purity... well, to me, purity is keeping yourself pure until you are ready to be married. Actually until you are married. It means not giving away your heart to someone you aren't planning on marrying. It means guarding yourself and being careful until you have found someone you are absolutely certain is God's chosen one for you.

I think that's the basics. I'm a little afraid of an answer, because I'm guessing I won't want to hear it. I'm a bit confused and flustered right now, and I'd like to say I have it all together but I don't. A lot has gone on between me and the guy in question, I haven't said it all here, but I can say I have gone no further than what I feel is the limit, although I've come close.

Thanks for your time
Rosa :)

Erika said...

Hello Vanessa,
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. It's a delight to meet a sister in the Lord! I shall add you to my blog-read list. Love your page! :-)
Lord be near you,

Maiden of Purity said...

Rosa, I'm sorry to let you wait awhile, I just haven't had a good 5 minutes to explain all of this to you! Also, thank you for getting back and answering the question which I asked! Anyways, I have been praying about what I will say, and also have prayed that you will receive the words stated here with love and to also pray and consider what God wants and how He wants you to deal with it. I am just an "advice" not the all Wise, thus, please note that what I say here is not just the final answer, however, my conviction and the way God addressed it to me! Alright, if you're ready for this, then come on! ;)

So, interacting with guys, even Christian guys, usually involves a whole good amount of physical touch, etc., and what you're telling me sounds like that is where it is hitting to. Lots of girls barely know a guy, and yet they feel so comfortable to give him a hug. You may be thinking, Vanessa, you're off subject. Hold on, I have to touch this first before I get down to the meat! So, if you are very serious about purity, and holding your heart until your future husband, then why are you allowing some guy to come close to you and hug you (I'm assuming this is a front hug?)? 1 Corinthians 7:1 says, "It is good for a man NOT to touch a women." Notice the word, NOT! Our culture brings it across by saying it is okay for the opposite sex to interact in physical touch, such as a hug in your case. Nevertheless, it is NOT light for God. He designed that special touch for a man and woman after marriage. Your intent may not be to arouse lustful thoughts for him, but rather a kind deed of showing some action of care. However Rosa, he is a guy, and I have a slight idea how they often think about girls. You are leading him with your physical interaction to stumble sexually. You are also sending a message across about your body, not really caring about your purity. He is to treat you with all purity, and perhaps he does not know that, and thus it is your duty to bring the clear message across that you want to be a pure young lady! Always remember to keep sacredness in your mind for your husband. This may sound blunt and bold, however, can you imagine your life with this young man-forever? So, what is right...? Well, lets say your husband was standing next to you and you suddenly went out of your way because some guy asked for hug, would you feel comfortable? Think about your husband? Who, knows maybe your husband is right there, and he sees your actions. And even if that guy may be the one, it doesn't matter, until God makes that clear you HAVE to be cautious and guard your heart and purity.

Maiden of Purity said...


If he is interested in you and if you feel bad to just shove him away, you need to think about yourself and also about him. You need to set the boundaries straight now, you are so young, and you need to feel comfortable, honored, and respected. If this friendship is not like that, if it is far beyond God's principles, then I'm afraid Rosa, that you need to call it off. It's hard, but you need to preserve your heart and honor your future husband! You are not helping him by giving him a hug ever so often, you are just causing yourself to be in more of a chaos and a trouble, and you are erousing impure thoughts for him. Just imaging, what is he feeling when you hug him? Also, guys can be tricky, and I'm not trying to say that he may be doing this, I don't know, and you probably don't even know, however he may be asking you for a hug, which perhaps sounds as innocent as possible to get to you in other ways. And since you're really young, it always starts in small steps.

Pray for him, and try to be strong and simply tell him that you are living your life for Christ, and you want to keep your heart secure for your future husband. That is hard to say, and it may be hard to lose a friend, and even hard to see him fall even further in temptations, however, you cannot be his best friend, and cannot be his comforter. In appropriate words, yes, but not in actions. It is not your job, you're right, and you NEED to make that clear to him! I know that it is a very hard thing to do, nevertheless, God will bless your decision and He will take you out of this situation if you just call and pray for Him. Remember that! I could go on, however, I believe I have overwhelmed you enough for one night. I pray that God will bless you and that He will clarify your mind and that you will seek the right way.

Set your state of purity straight, and don't allow others to run over it and use it. A hug, can be a dangerous thing, a side hug ever so often, is JUST okay, but it's still not the option. Please pray and consider what God may be telling you through me! If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me at or more comments here! As long as you feel comfortable! I will be praying for you!

God bless,