Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? I looked at my past post and noticed that it said, "February 28th!" And today is April 1st! It has been a busy past month...March Madness! :) I have had many thoughts of posting and continuing with my series, however, the time doesn't slow down for me. I feel like I need 48 hours, instead of 24 in a day! ;-) So, this is a very random post, just telling y'all that I'm still around and alive...haven't forgot about my blog and I am hoping to get a post up very, very soon! Please bare with me good people! I have been busy with work, school, church, music, household duties, being a daughter/sister/friend, and etc., etc., etc.! May you all be blessed this weekend as you reflect upon the resurrection of our dear Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Wow, it has been awhile! Hopefully time will slow down and you can post! Miss your posts! :)


Josh said...

Life IS busy isn't it?! Don't worry at all; living on a farm, I know what it is like to be constantly going and doing things, and I think that 48 hour days sound great!

Keeping you in my prayers,