Thursday, May 1, 2008


Wow, it's May! I can't believe how fast this year is going by! Just one more month and we're half way through!

I have been busy. Last night, we took my family to the airport to fly to Germany. Since my mom is German her parents live there (my grandparents) and it has been 4 years since she has seen her mother. And my siblings haven't seen their grandmother. My little sister will be 4 soon, and didn't even know who grandma was! So it was very much needed. But, my big brother Marc, dad, and I stayed behind. Only my mom and three younger siblings were able of going this time. So, I've been busy with school, and cleaning the house. There's a lot more work to do when there isn't any little ones around to help. I have two weeks to get used to it, it'll be hard. I miss them, not only seeing them, but having the noise. Just the laughter, and even the fighting! I've never been away from them for two weeks. They'll come back May 15. Just 15 more days! :( There's a 7 hour difference in Germany too, right now it's almost 5 over here, but over there it's almost 12AM. So, talking on the phone is a bit difficult, because it has to be a decent time for me, and for them! So, if any of you guys think of them, voice a little prayer in your mind for their protection! I'll blog later this week.....!

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