Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lessons on Purity

Thanks for those who voted on my poll! I found this amazing blog today when I was under Letter From Christ. You all need to check it out.... www.practicalpurity.blogspot.com

I find it a great blog and inspiration to young girls. I was reading a post about boys and the youth group, very interesting! I'm just lucky that we don't have a youth group in our church, that's because we belong to a Family Integrated Church! Very neat! :)

Also, go to www.unhiddenlight.blogspot.com and read up the latest there. I read an amazing post today, it was really speaking to me and just how important it is for us to keep our purity. Because we all do say, "Oh yeah, I'll keep pure, don't ya worry!" But do we really mean it??? Or do we just say it to fit in with our Christian friends? Do you mean it from the bottom of your heart to keep your purity till the day of your wedding? Or actually until you kiss the man God has for you? Can we say with a pure conscience, "I am willing to stay and keep my heart from immorality, and WAIT FOR MY BELOVED!" My friend, I sure hope you can. Wouldn't it be so beautiful to say on your wedding day, right before you kiss your groom, "Thank you oh Lord, for helping me staying pure all the days of my youth!" Isn't that just an awesome statement? Also to thank the man you were courting!

Maybe there have been moments back in your life where you really regret what you did. Perhaps, you feel like you will never be pure again because you maybe did some type of immorality? Another very important thing I want to tell you is, 'Never ever develop a friendship with a guy!' You may think that this is just a bro/sis kind of relationship, or maybe you think you can help this poor, miserable guy. Don't fall for that trick! You are causing yourself more harm than anything. Even if you find guys that are nicer and easier to hang around with than girls, than make the choice to have no friends at all. I'm not saying to totally distance yourself, but don't hang around a guy 24/7 and most certainly NOT ALONE! Keep always a light in the back of your mind, and remember that it can be dangerous. We as girls do have the tendency to attach to a male friend. We also can tend to get very emotional. No, I have never done it, but I have read in books about it. It can ruin your purity. Don't fall for it. Married or unmarried, it's NOT good idea! I'm guilty about it, I have had in the past friends who were guys, and believe it may seem that you are getting all the attention, but the wrong type! I have made friends to a sense with some who shouldn't even be considered a 'friend.'

It is never too late to regain all your purity, even if it's all gone, fall on your knees and shout out to GOD, cry unto him, speak to him, and ask him for forgiveness. I have heard of girls who have actually wasted their purity on the wrong one, but they got back with the Lord, and he forgave them, and now they are working on it, and are doing very well and living righteously. It's not too late. Or perhaps you are one of those who haven't wasted your purity and maybe some are mocking you. Don't listen to them, stand strong, and let me tell you, YOU ARE BLESSED. They're aren't many girls and guys these days! Keep it up, believe me, you will have a great story to tell your own girls someday about your teen years. I have kept my purity, and have never given it to any guy, and will NOT ever! There were times last year when I did mess up, but thanks God that I had common sense not to give it away and act foolish! We need to leave a GREAT and GODLY legacy for our future generation(s)!



Allison said...

I'm so blessed to be a part of a FIC church as well! :)

Purity is such an important topic, because it's such a common area that young ladies struggle in. Thank you Vanessa, for standing up and exhorting others to be pure!! God even says in Matthew 5:8 -"blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." Purity is something we must strive to hold onto, because it is so important, to the fact that future generations will be blessed if we do!!

Lacy said...

Hello, Vanessa!

I have enjoyed reading your blog, and I've linked to yours from mine. :) Hope you don't mind!

My blog is A Godly Maiden @ http://agodlymaiden.wordpress.com/


Danielle said...

I just came across your blog today and was very encouraged. Thank you for being bold and for posting this. Praise the Lord for using you in so many young girls lives. :)