Friday, May 30, 2008

School IS out!

Schooooooooooooool is OUT! Oh my goodness! All these long hard thinking days! All the struggles, all the quizzes, all the tests, all the books each and everyday are OVER! I just got out 10 minutes ago! I can't believe it, it's finally over! Three months of summer!

I couldn't do all this school without mom and God. God helped me sooooooooo much. Everyday I asked him to help me get through, and sure enough we both did! God and I did! Thank you sooooooo much! Thanks mom and thank you God!

I'll post tomorrow!!


Allison said...

Yay! It's exciting to be done! Glad you have finished!

Lacy said...

Glad you're done! I got out *officially* on April the 5th.

Maria Pauline said...

Uh... don't make promises you can't keep. :) But it is very nice to finish school and have only books and projects of choice left for three months. :)