Wednesday, February 11, 2009

50 facts about myself!

I have soooo many posts to put up. So much has been on my mind lately. I have good news and bad news. Lots of updates and just things going here and there. I got tagged by two girls, Lydia (Day by Day) and Allison (Letter From Christ). I am not able of doing the tag Lydia tagged me with (sorry), but I can do Allison's. Hm, I also have to continue my previous post. You see, life goes by so fast and we all don't even realize it. Ok, first things first. I'm going to get the tag Allison did and then I will continue the previous post. School life has been rough and long. Each day seems longer and longer. Alright, I can be here all evening and complain and just talk about all the problems and things that are going on, or I can get this post through with!?

Rules are: Try to come up with 50 facts about yourself as you can. If you're tagged you must try to do it! Its o.k. if you don't make it all the way to 50. You may use things from previous tags. Just have fun!

This will be interesting...I have a lot of 50 facts about myself. Don't get bored half way through.

1. I'm Mexican, German, and Texan (if that counts)
2. Jesus Christ is my best friend!
3. I have had about 10 best friends (other than Christ) in my life!
4. I'm a neat freak
5. I was a vegan for 6 years!
6. I have moved about 6 times
7. I'm graduating from high school in June 2010!
8. I have had the same color for many years-green
9. I despise bees!
10. I play in an orchestra with adults 30 or something years older than myself!
11. I dislike pink with all my heart!
12. I'm not girly at all!
13. I do not like to dress up...comfy is my style
14. I have straightened my hair only three times
15. I can't stand baking
16. I love the country...don't like the city
17. I love to email (check more than once a day)
18. I don't like TV-only certain movies at times
19. I turn the music up loud when I'm home alone, or with my siblings
20. K-LOVE is my favorite all time radio station
21. I laugh more than anything (sometimes)
22. I have flown in an airplane about 10 times
23. The words and phrases "Dude" "Oh my gosh" "y'all" and "What" is what I say all the time.
24. I don't like to play board games
25. Doing laundry is annoying
26. I have a friend who is in her 40's, her and I hit it off really well!!
27. I want to be a midwife
28. I pray many times throughout the day
29. I'm a people person
30. My name means butterfly so some people call me, "Social butterfly!"
31. I love to throw things we don't us anymore away or give it away!
32. I love getting mail
33. Tennis is my favorite sport, then basketball
34. I love wearing flip-flops, they go with anything (practically)
35. I used to want to have a Doctors degree in music
36. If it's -20 degrees outside I need to have my fan running my room no matter what the degree is (weird)!
37. I have been baptized 3 times. Once when a baby, at six years old, and then again at 15. I wasn't serious at 6 yrs. old.
38. I used to dislike dogs, I love them now!
39. I always have my hair up. Only on certain occasions will it be down
40. I'm not fair, and I still get bad burns in the summer!
41. When I was small I used to want to be a Meteorologist
42. I want many child
ren, as many as the Lord gives
43. I haven't seen my grandma in 5 years
44. I don't like Valentines day
45. My faith is Christian, none other. Christ is the best ever! Try him out!
46. I have one best friend now, she's my encourager when I'm down!
47. I share a room with a cute little girl-my sister!
48. When I have children someday, I want a boy named Chandler
The Lord has saved me from many hardships
50. My blog is almost 1 year old!!

Phew, I'm done! Wow! I am going to try to post some more this week. I have a lot more to get up.


Katie said...

I'm glad you did it Vanessa! I loved to read facts about other people.

Kalani said...

Wow! you play in an orchestra right now.. I didn't know that!!