Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spreading the Gospel to anyone!

Ok, just like I said, this post will be about, "How do I start a simple conversation with a nonbeliever and switch it over to the gospel?" Now, I'm not an expert in this because I don't practice it as much as I should, but with the Lord's help I'm going to make it my #1 topic this New Year! I'm really determined, and as February has come already, I'm going to get busy very quickly. It's all in the Lord's hand. Daily we come across people, Christians and non-Christians. These people are all over. It's time to switch over and not wait for these people to come up to us, but for us to go and approach them. But how, you may ask? How will I do this? Is there an easier way to share the gospel and making it interesting to catch some one's eye? Of course! The Gospel itself is far more than interesting can ever be! Every time I hear someone spread it around I get the shills or just feel the Holy Spirit and get touched. It's the most wonderfulest news ever! Alright, but how can I start this conversation?

I bet many of you have heard about the Way of the Master? Well, if not, that's perfectly fine. It's this ministry between Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. They spread the gospel to those all around. The gang members, the drunkards, the prostitutes, everyone! After all, we all have something in common, each and everyone of us... WE'RE SINNERS! It takes a lot for many people to admit that they are wrong, and that they are bad. Romans 3:23 says, "For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God" This is true. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort have such a wonderful way of witnessing. It makes it interesting to the unbeliever and it breaks the ice quickly. They start off like this: "Do you consider yourself a good person?" Then the person answers. Have you ever lied, if so what does that make you? Have you ever stolen something? What do you call that? Have you ever lusted in your heart? And then, beautifully we can turn the conversation into speaking the truth. Many times it hurts the person when they finally realize how they have gone wrong all their life.

My mom once witnessed to 3 young men. We didn't know these guys and have never saw them again. Although, she followed those guide lines and she directed them to the gospel. It doesn't always mean that we right away lead the soul to Christ. It may take many weeks, or possibly years. However, we planted a seed, and then that seed will be watered and fed by someone else and then slowly it will begin to grow into a plant, and grow and grow. That tiny little seed isn't small anymore it has grown and is now a follower of Christ. You see, just a few words from your mouth can start that little seed to grow. It happened to my mom, and to thousands of you out there. Don't expect a person to change right away, pray for him/her and watch what the Lord can do. Many times it takes more than just a conversation.

Remember, the Lord is always with you, when witnessing to others, he's right by your side!

Go and wake up some one's heart, make them a follower and share with them the news someone shared with you! I love every soul and have a heart for them all. I don't want to lose a single soul. Sadly, many don't want to listen, that is for God to judge. We have tried, but constantly nudging and bugging the person won't get them no where! Give your best and place God always in the lead!

(This video is between Kirk Cameron and another man. It is a "Wake-up Call" for the man in the red shirt! It's very interesting and powerful!)

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Anonymous said...

Great post!! I really like it, and feel encourage to also reach people with God's salvation. The Way of the Master is such a great ministry. New Year, here I come!!!