Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why are we mocked?

How many of you feel disgusted by this world and the people's behavior? How many of you feel that you can't even step outside of your own front door without having dart thrown straight at you? Is this you? Do you even get persecuted by family? Or from church friends? Have you ever acted differently around those who do just so you can fit in with their style? Do you dress different around youth your age who are of this world? Do you take their style?

About two weeks my friend and I went to this youth group. That was the first time I ever went to a youth group in my entire high school years. I stepped in that room and it did not take but 1 minute for me to realize that all the girls fix their hair the exact same way, they all wear the same clothes, jeans. They act the same way, they talk the same way, they walk the same way, they do everything the same way. The makeup has to be put on in a certain way. The jeans have to be in style, all the clothes need to be fashionable, and yet, my friend needs to wear it, many say. I then switched my eyes over to the guys. Yes, they did the same thing. All of them had the same shaggy hair style. The jeans which are baggy, and yet consumed a few holes. Hearing their voice was all cloned, their behavior was so similar and the way they walked was identical! Why is that? Why do they all do this? Most of the teens are inferior about themselves. They don't know what is right. They just follow everyone else. If you pay close attention they will not take the first step into anything because they feel shy and everyone is watching them. If one teen does not follow this trend of actions and dress you will get looked upon differently. I know, I have been in that situation a few times. Listen to my story.

Two weeks ago, as I was saying, my friend and I walked into a youth department. We dressed just as the usual day and yet neatly. We both were wearing skirts and boots. Our hair was not like everyone else, it is modern, but not straightened just like everyone else, it was left in it's natural curl. So, I now just gave you a slight glimpse of our appearance that evening. We walked in there with confidence and as well as being slightly timid. As we were walking around we both overheard a conversation going on between two guys, I'm saying they were my age (16). I slightly heard a little more than my friend, but she herself was already getting heated! One of the guys was going against us whereas the other was one defending us.

"Dude, look at them!"
"What, you have a problem with them?"
"No, but, look, they dress weird!"
"Oh, you have a problem with them wearing skirts? Huh, is that it?"
"No, I did not say that!"
"Who cares, just leave it!"

To be continued...


Allison said...

Wow, what an experience! It's so disheartening to see how the so-called "Christian" youth of today act, dress, etc. Sadly, they are not properly presenting Christ.

Hope you've had a good week! Sorry I haven't had a chance to comment recently!

Samantha said...

Hmm, this story almost struck me as funny. I know it really isn't but the ridulousness of it...
Its actually also kinda sad. I mean were we created to all me just alike? I don't think so. I don't have a problem with people following (acceptable) trends or anything. My siblings love copying me (I finally got over it. lol) But we should accept people who are different from us. Hopefully this group of kids can learn something from you guys if you keep going back. Either way just keep praying for them!
P.S. I sure do wonder if they go to school....

Lydia said...

you are tagged...

Allison said...

Hi Vanessa!
I tagged you with a tag my sister made up/adapted. If you have a chance, please participate!