Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back Home...

Hello y'all! Well, I'm back home!

Yes, my family and I returned back home yesterday night very, very, late. It feels good to be in your own house again, nevertheless, I miss SO many people! Texas was literally the highlight of my summer, I consider it also my birthday gift. It was so wonderful and being able to go back to my hometown and seeing people that care and love us. It was lovely to see God dwell within that land. Churches among every street, billboards of scripture verses or statements of Christ, and it was amazing to run into people and hear them say, "Y'all take care and God bless!" I don't hear that very often where I live. I'm so thankful and feel so blessed that I was able of seeing good old friends, and some new friends. It is of course sad to leave those who care for you, and where you know you have a place in their heart, however, God has placed my family and I over here for a complete reason, and oftentimes I do not see the perfect reason and plan. Although, I will not lean upon my own understanding, but look towards God for direction and timing. Nonetheless, we praise GOD for bringing my family and I back home, it was such a long trip, back and forth 3800 miles, and yet God was close to our car, guiding it day by day. I also look forward to see what God can do in the near future with my family and where He will lead us.

As I now look back upon those 2 weeks, memories of laughter, happiness, talking, and joy remain, and far back in my mind the thought of sadness has crept itself in. I see faces before me, the ones who have been there for my family when times were hard or when moments of rejoicing. God moved my family, He did it before and He can do it again, we just allow Him to work! A prayer for my family would be, let God work, and not us! Be blessed y'all and one thing that I look forward is that I can be back on the blogging world. God bless!


Allison said...

Glad you made it home safe, and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! Look forward to hearing more details soon... :)

Southern Maiden said...

Nessa, wanting God's will and not your own is a great thing... there's power in that surrender. And I'm so glad y'all are willing to seek His will. Ü Glad you got back safely!!!