Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tears, Hurt, Sadness, Pain!

Last night, I noticed and came to the conclusion that I do not like crying! Y'all might be like, what?! There are many, many different types of tears as well. Tears of joy, pain, shame, fear, anxiety, love, death, birth, healing, and so much more titles. I had to let go of one of my best friends, because she moved. I was hurt, sad, and had a stitch of pain within my heart, questioning myself and actually God as well, "Why?" No, it was not the last thing in the world, however, I have been living here in this state for almost 3 years, and this friend was sent from God. It was hard to break it apart. Tears hurt, they hurt the inside of the heart, as well as they kick up the past emotions and thoughts. I have told myself many times before, do not cry, hold it all in. It was not until recently that I heard something which brought me to think otherwise. Holding it all inside will not bring you anywhere, it just causes more bitterness, anger, wounds, or hurt. The best remedy is to let it all out, allowing the tears to flow straight from the eyes rolling down the cheeks. Crying is a natural human motion and act, it washes the eyes, and clears away all hurt, letting it all out. Whenever I feel like crying, I'll go to God and just cry in his arms, telling him to catch my tears, and to heal my wounds and hurt.
I often think how unfair a situation is, although, God is a fair and just God. He has everything planned and searched out for a reason, and many times I think, this trial is never ending God! Nevertheless He gives me a hope and a promise, a place with no more suffering, with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears! Isn't this just so beautiful?! Knowing that I won't have to cry because of hurtful incidences, death, fear, sadness, and pain. The place God has for me is in His house, heaven. A place where my heart yearns to be, that is after I have a family! :) Tears are good for washing away the misery, however, God also gives us tears to wipe away the suffering. All of us may think how it is a little embarrassing to cry, and I know for guys it may be more than girls with that kind of feeling, but just remember, God gave us tears, emotions, and feelings all for a purpose, and letting them out every now and then is totally normal. It cleanses the heart, and washes away the dirt and hurt within!


Allison said...

I understand your sorrow, and I wish I was there to give you a hug! However, I suppose a cyber-hug will have to suffice. :)

I too have struggled during our past moves with asking God "why" He would allow something. I've probably told you this before, but He always brought me back to Isaiah 55:8, reminding me that His ways are bigger and better than mine. Sometimes God's ways seem illogical in our tiny minds, but we can rest and trust that they are always best! So continue to run to the Father and seek His rest and peace, and He will give it to you!
-Prov. 3:5-6
-Matt. 11:28-30
-Phil. 4:4-7

Praying for you!

Life Savior said...

You know, I don't really agree on everything there. 'Letting it all out' is not always a good idea. Sometimes 'holding it all in' is better idea. But in your case, that's fine to 'let it out'. God did give us these emotions for something! :)


Life Savior said...

Thanks for the post.


Kalani said...

I was thinking about the topic of crying this past week because of an article from Above Rubies and have decided to only cry for others. This has spared me from self-pity!
I understand though the need for it. I had a friend who's father died and she seemed to never show any emotion. It really seemed to harm her by responding in that way.