Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yearn for a Heart of Gold!

Girls, how many of you like it when you see other girls hugging every single guy they come across? And guys, how does that make you feel when you see girls hugging a guy with a full body contact? For me to see that, I get the thought and impression that a girl is just out there selling herself away because she wants all the attention, and she will get it from anyone. I have seen girls, and known girls who are always doing this. Now, when I see a guy do this as well, I get another thought and think secondly about him. What if his 'future' wife was standing in a corner, or walked by him? This goes for girls as well. Does the thought ever come across that perhaps your 'future' husband is maybe walking right by you? Messing up as being young does happen, but please, prevent it from getting there when you know the right from the wrong. It could easily be that you have messed up, or are messing up as being young and a change in your life will come from God and you turn around. However, as being young, you may be known as the girl or guy who gave their body away out of foolishness and temptation!

I'm a girl who is striving for purity, and many times I am ashamed of my own actions, that I often hope my future husband is not seeing me. Nevertheless, I do not know this, and we should at all times act if our future spouse is right there, and that God is ALWAYS looking. I don't want to see my future husband falling into a filthy temptation, or having other girls falling all over him. The thought and scene of that makes my heart fall, and my stomach turn. In my perspective, guys just need to be guys. Strong, hard working, pure, blameless, and staying away from the all hugging gushy things, until the day of marriage. And girls, please, do not cause a guy to stumble whether it be in your actions, dress, or speech! We are all workers of iniquity, however, the Lord wants our hearts, as well as our parents. Do not give your heart to a guy or girl out of curiosity or foolishness, keep it strong and safe.

The thoughts within our mind determine what is taking place in our heart, and will eventually spread out to our actions. That's pretty powerful! Sinful thoughts, and sinful actions occur when we are playing foolishly with the other gender. Talking and acting in a pure conversation with the opposite gender is God's way of fellowship .Why mess around? Why lose your heart and purity? We need to act blamelessly, and when coming in interaction with a guy or girl, treat him or her with respect. Do not flirt or use flattery within your words, but treat them as brothers and sisters in Christ, which will honor our Lord Jesus Christ! A girl's emotions are full of drama, and many times if her parents or God does not have her heart, she will pour it out to a guy she considers as her best friend, I've seen this occur many times. That is danger! Our deepest thoughts belong with God, mom and dad. I personally believe that having a guy or girl as a best friend is not the greatest idea. Naturally, guys and girls are different, and best friends in my perspective should be of the same gender. In addition, having a few godly young men or ladies around for fellowship within a group is beautiful and talking with pure conversations. Titus 2:12 says, "Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world."

As my conclusion, yearn for perfection and strive for purity. Take no false ways, and do not give your way to those of sinful acts. Our actions will someday be judged, and if we live our lives while being in our youth foolishly, then our acts will pass on to our generation. I most certainly do not want my children to go around and try every guy or girl out. This thought encourages me to be pure and wait for my beloved, and my prince charming!

"I am my beloved's and my beloved in mine!" Song of Solomon 6:3


Anonymous said...

That was a good post!
When I hug guys, I do a 'side-hug' thing, and they do that to me, too.
I have a lot of guy friends, but we're careful =D
Unless we're goofing off and accidentally dog-pile, we don't do full-body contact.

Anonymous said...

Great post!
Have you ever read Leslie Ludy's "Set-Apart Femininity"? In part of the book, she talks about that too. Now that is a great book!
God bless!

Maiden of Purity said...

No, I've never read that book. I've heard about the author, and I know that she also discusses topics such as this. I guess I should purchase it!

Lisa said...

I'd definately recommend it! I'm so glad I happened to buy it! :)

Joshua said...

I thought I'd chime in on this one to give a guy's perspective on this topic. :) It really is harder on guys when girls give them full body-contact hugs. I personally try to avoid it at all costs for two reasons: One, I don't want to make it harder on myself than it already is; and second, it doesn't make you appear blameless. I've been in some situations where it has been unavoidable and when that happens I just have to not make sure it doesn't continue. I do have some friends (and obviously family) that I give more than just side hugs to, but I don't do long, full contact hugs. I believe that is something that God has set aside for a husband and a wife, and we as young people need to be striving to be pure and blameless so that we don't have regrets when the Lord brings that special person into our lives!

Maiden of Purity said...

Nice long comment Joshua! LOL!

Thanks for putting your input into and for the others to see it coming from a guy's perspective! For the longest time I only have girls viewing my blog, and it's great to have a mix combination as well. Your comment was really good, thanks for taking your time and adding something!


Allison said...

Vanessa, what a great thing to strive for, and what an encouragement to hear someone like-minded saying the same things I’m thinking! :D It’s such a blessing reading your blog!

On the topic of "body contact", when I was little, my dad didn’t like for me to sit on other men’s laps. Of course at that age I had no clue why, but by the way that my parents have trained us with a desire for purity, even a side-hug for a guy has never been a thought to me until recently. (other than relatives, adults...) Personally I’m not comfortable with it for the reasons Joshua stated above; I want to be blameless and pure and don’t want to give the wrong impressions. I see no reason to hug a guy anyway, so I prefer to simply say "hi". :)

Thanking God for you,

Elara said...

Wow! I enjoy reading your posts, but I just Had to comment on this one! You are a very mature young lady for your age, in that you have realized early on the blessings of carefully guarding your purity. Not only will you be a witness to others in this, but you will give the prince that God has waiting for you, a very special gift. I also am currently reading a Leslie Ludy book-When God writes your love story, it is truly amazing, a must read! They also speak of the importance of having open communication with our parents, and the dangers that come with getting in to deep a friendship with the opposite sex. I really enjoyed this post, please continue to share:)