Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pictures of Germany

Alright, I finally got some pictures up from my brother Marc and my trip to Germany. Marc mostly made pictures of the scenery, and I would rather have pictures of the people. It just shows that I'm more of a people person to begin with! :)
A village like the one above is very small and the streets are often over crowded with people and cars. When driving through there, it was often a speed of no more than 5 mph.
Take a look at the lush from those trees. I always thought that where I live in America was very green, boy was I wrong!
Literally, the forest is in walking distance from my grandparent's house. If you're running, maybe 5 minutes, and walking about 10 minutes. It's amazing. The back with all the trees is the dark, cold, and yet beautiful forest.
A picture of the entire front side of the town I was nearby.
Just to give y'all a quick glimpse of how the houses are different over there as well. The whole style and layout is different, and yet very homey and cute.

This is another German castle standing in the middle of water, utterly amazing! A German family is actually still living in there, and maintain is daily. There have been many royal families dwelling therein in the past. A family once who had 22 children!
This town is where my brother Marc was born. If you look closely, there is a castle in the back of the picture. The villages and towns in Germany, especially where I was at, are so cute and beautiful!
I just love horses, and have grown to love them even more....these two beautiful horses live right in my grandparent's back yard. No, they don't own them, but they do share the property.
It's a very beautiful country! So green and lush, and the air is totally different than over here. God sure does leave his perfection in creation everywhere around the world.


Joshua said...

Wow, great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Kalani said...

Hi Vanessa,
My Oma just looked at the pictures and said she recognized and has been at the town and castle shown. She said the last town shown is where her older brother lives.


Allison said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad you posted them! It's neat to see the culture of Germany. :)